Monday, 31 December 2012

From the depth of my heart...

I remember the first day of this year. I wasn't overly happy or sad. Just indifferent. Last year had been one hell of a year for me and I wondered what this year had in store for me. I wondered the people I will come across, the goals I have to achieve, the obstacles I have to overcome. I pondered on these things with no concrete plan. Being the meticulous person I am, I just watched as things unfold.

Looking back now, I can only testify to one thing: God has been faithful. Yes, He's been faithful to me even when I wasn't faithful to Him. In my mistakes, He still blessed me. He delivered me from shame. He sent wonderful people in my life this year. And they were not just strangers. People I have known for a while in my life but never knew their roles in my life. They were my connecting doors but I was too blind to see them as such. I was eager to see what they can offer at the moment that I didn't noticed their purpose in my life.
There are people in our lives we take for granted. Some we are too eager to get rid of due to one disappointment or the other and we fail to see their roles in our lives.
There are some who are like weeds in our lives and we fail to recognise them as such, thus, they ruin better opportunities for us.
At the end of the day, we can only depend on God to give us a discerning spirit, spiritual wisdom to do the right thing.
As I mark the end of this daring year, I'm glad that I maintained my friendship with some people. That I didn't allow their shortcomings to ruin my relationship with them. And for the new people I met this year, I'm so grateful that our paths crossed.
I'm trying to resist the urge not to mention names but I just have to: Kweku Obeng, Azuka Jebose, Nseobong Okon-Ekong (My Honourable Editor), Wright Aloba, Dr Ifeanyi Iriele, Mike Mejabi, Amos Bwire, Chi Josh, Ifeanyi Jibunoh, Pst Henry Omoike, Daniel and Andrew for the laughter, Felix, Francis Obi, my sweet grandmother (I love her tantrums), Eva, Obinna Ogbonnaya, Eby(my kid sister, she insisted I mention her name)
You bunch have been awesome to me. Can't thank you enough for all the love, encouragement, support and kindness towards me and as we step into a New Year, may God give us the strength and grace to fulfil His purpose on earth. I love you all.
And to my fans, both passive and active readers. I love you too. Happy New Year!!!


  1. Wow. Thanks for your grace. It was a blessing knowing you also in 2012. We pray God to continue to bless you because you are a blessing to all. More happiness to you and your family in 2013 and beyond.

  2. Congratulations on your breakthrough my dear,I'm so proud of you and to be part of this beautiful story still unfolding..infact,this calls for celebration,some chilled Ogogoro with Ogbonno soup and hot gari will do :D
    You are blessed...