Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday Heat: The New Queen James Bible for Gay: Mockery or reality???

Few days ago, Queen James Bible for gay was released. This version of the Bible which was adapted from king James Bible addresses eight controversial verses that condemns homosexuality by giving vivid interpretations of the verses.

The QJBFG named God as its author and Jesus Christ as its contributor but no physical author mentioned.

What do you think about this new development? Is it a mockery to God's word or another harsh reality to mankind? Is it morally and socially acceptable to have such publication in our society?
Let the heat begin
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  1. Believe me, the guy who wrote this book could easily get to heaven as compared to a Pastor who owns FOUR Private Jets. What I meant to say is...this is a non issue. Someone just wants to make money here, same way like many fake pastors do...

  2. Amos you don't understand anything here. Go back to Sunday School. We are talking one thing and you're talking another.
    This bible is totally blasphemous, period.