Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Thoughts of a Bohemian: Letter to God

Please Let My Mother Depart!
Dear God,
The New Year(2013) is moments away. I thank You for the ending year. As we begin another year of wishes, I write these with a hurting heart on behalf of my brothers and sisters whom I love dearly and pray that you would this year, soonest too, end the
life of our terminally ill mother.

 The new year would be the fifth season of her being paralysed by stroke, bedridden, sore, daily agony of pain, torture and hopelessness. Our mother is weaker at each sunrise and helpless at every sunset. She is waiting to die in the most undignified and traumatic circumstance. No family deserves this endless days of sorrow, watching their loved one, especially their mother, being ravaged and tortured by the illness.
She is not able to help herself with basic necessities of everyday living: she needs assistance with feeding, bathing, bowel movement and living. She is incontinent.
Our mother, "Mama Reggie" as she is affectionately called, was blasted by stroke in June 2008. The first stroke partially paralysed her face and her right brain, numbing her right arm and leg. Through intensive care, we were able to reposition her shifted face and restore some feelings to her arm and leg. We also continued medical treatment as recommended by doctors in Lagos.
Medically, a stroke patient has a four hour period to get to a hospital in order to regain almost all body normalcy. That medical miracle would never work in a place such as Lagos, a city with the highest number of indisciplined motorists and road users deliberately responsible for preventable traffic gridlocks in that city.
God, in August, "Mama Reggie" had a second stroke attack. Three days after the incident, my elder sister, Buchy travelled to the village to tell our dad that his wife of nearly 48 years had suffered another stroke. On the evening of August 28 after dinner, Buchy painstakingly informed our father of mama's fate; he screamed and retired to bed. The
next morning, he was found gasping on the floor of his bedroom. Few minutes after they rushed him to the village clinic, he died!
To be continued....
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