Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thoughts of a Bohemian by Azuka Jebose

After losing a dear friend and grandfather of his son to death, the Bohemian writes about his reflections on life.

Losing dear dad can be a challenging experience for daughters. There is a unique relationship between girls and their fathers. It is a relationship that begins at conception and nurtures as both dad and daughter(s) nourish life, living through tender loving care.

I am blessed with three beautiful girls and my relationship with them was cultivated as simple, free spirit, respect for humanity and love for education. Above everything else, I encourage them to share everything in their young lives with me. I also owe them the daily happenstances in my life, the financial and other palava of our existence and I am happy that at their ages they are wiser and appreciates their dad as a bohemian.

I opened the gateway to my life's mistakes to them thus encouraging them it's okay to make mistakes, but not okay to let the mistakes define you.

So these experiences with my daughters are also the bedrock of my end time. When my circles of life completes, I pray that my children would honour my wish and not artificially keep me alive hoping against hopes and cultist miracles in the name of God. I would hope they bury me in the simplest celebration and wherever they think home is for them.

After the internment, I hope they go out that night and party all night, get drunk, smoke a roll of marijuana or dried onugbu(bitterleaf), return home safely and sleep, wake up in the morning with serious hangover and just lay in bed remembering the goofiness and silliness of dad's life, with breaking smiles and occasional tear drops on the pillow. And after that, be thankful that dad is resting too and perhaps smoking the fattest joint with Jesus.
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