Monday, 31 December 2012

From the depth of my heart...

I remember the first day of this year. I wasn't overly happy or sad. Just indifferent. Last year had been one hell of a year for me and I wondered what this year had in store for me. I wondered the people I will come across, the goals I have to achieve, the obstacles I have to overcome. I pondered on these things with no concrete plan. Being the meticulous person I am, I just watched as things unfold.

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Happy last Sunday of the year everyone. You asked for more, here it is:
John sat at the restaurant of the DutcHotel, sipping Hunters cider. He was tired. Very tired as he tried to organise his thoughts which were wandering in a race track. He queried himself on why he had accepted to go on this trip. Nothing new came up since the obvious ones had permanently clouded his mind. He had missed home. He had missed walking the streets of Accra and blending with his own kind. Not intimidated by his colour or awkward by his native tongue. Here he can speak his native language without the fear of being seen as an alien or a barbarian.
The sweet African rhythm oozed out of the speakers in the restaurant, giving him a welcoming ambience. This was home. This was Ghana.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Thoughts of a Bohemian: Letter to God

Please Let My Mother Depart!
Dear God,
The New Year(2013) is moments away. I thank You for the ending year. As we begin another year of wishes, I write these with a hurting heart on behalf of my brothers and sisters whom I love dearly and pray that you would this year, soonest too, end the
life of our terminally ill mother.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Special!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all are having fun. Do not forget the reason for the season. Share the love and be generous today.
Alright, enough of the greetings. As a sign of appreciation to each and every one of you who had encouraged me since I started blogging in one way or the other, below is an excerpt from a novel I'm working on currently titled "Oforiwaa"
Do read and enjoy!
Happy Holidays!!!
Disclaimer: The characters in this story is purely a product of the writer's imagination. Any semblance to reality is just a coincidence.
"OFORIWAA" by Vanessa Sylver
The moment the Antonov aircraft touched grounds at the Kotoka airport, John felt a stirring in his heart. He was finally home, his motherland. He felt jetlagged in the 11hrs flight from New York to Accra. He had slept throughout the journey despite some of his students' effort to get him talking. He had deftly ignored them and allowed Mary Ann to attend to their incessant curiosity. He needed the rest. It had not been easy planning for this trip. It had cost him sleepless nights to make the necessary arrangements for this trip.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday Heat: The New Queen James Bible for Gay: Mockery or reality???

Few days ago, Queen James Bible for gay was released. This version of the Bible which was adapted from king James Bible addresses eight controversial verses that condemns homosexuality by giving vivid interpretations of the verses.

The QJBFG named God as its author and Jesus Christ as its contributor but no physical author mentioned.

What do you think about this new development? Is it a mockery to God's word or another harsh reality to mankind? Is it morally and socially acceptable to have such publication in our society?
Let the heat begin
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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thoughts of a Bohemian by Azuka Jebose

After losing a dear friend and grandfather of his son to death, the Bohemian writes about his reflections on life.

Losing dear dad can be a challenging experience for daughters. There is a unique relationship between girls and their fathers. It is a relationship that begins at conception and nurtures as both dad and daughter(s) nourish life, living through tender loving care.

I am blessed with three beautiful girls and my relationship with them was cultivated as simple, free spirit, respect for humanity and love for education. Above everything else, I encourage them to share everything in their young lives with me. I also owe them the daily happenstances in my life, the financial and other palava of our existence and I am happy that at their ages they are wiser and appreciates their dad as a bohemian.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Drool of the day: Meet Pretty Nina

Nina is a tall sexy pretty girl residing in Apapa-Lagos. She is single and searching. Any cute guy out there for her???
Read more about her:

Likes and dislikes:
I like making friends, meeting new people and love adventures too. I hate lies and disappointments.

Bedroom skills:
I'm killing in bed, though I love romance than sex.

Monday, 17 December 2012

How bad is Office Romance...2

However, before you decide to venture into this type of relationship, you might want to consider a few pointers.
1. Their position in the office: The first thing to consider before you go serenading your love to your new crush is his/her position in the office. Is he/she a subordinate, a boss or just a colleague?
Remember, irrespective of who you choose to date, there are risks involved.
Dating your colleague might lead to competition and rivalry which might affect your relationship. Issues such as job promotions could lead to jealousy.
Dating your boss might spring up jealousy and favouritism among your colleagues. And at times, disrespect could breed in such an affair. Remember familiarity breeds contempt.
Dating a subordinate could likewise lead to favouritism and false accusations of breaching the organisation's policy which might get you fired. It could question your credibility as a leader. Often times, it could lead to sexual harassment.

How bad is office romance? 1

So you got a crush on your boss or an employee or colleague but you are not sure on how to go about it. Worse is the general belief that office romance is outrightly BAD!!! What are the possible outcomes of having an office affair?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Wrath Of jezebel by Amos Bwire...contd

At that hour of a working day, the Bakers Basket Coffee-shop was nearly empty.

At the entrance, Abella anxiously scanned the warmly lit room for a familiar face. Her eyes drew focus on a Persian lady of mid-forties, whose eyes were staring intently at her. She was seating solo at the far right side, holding a cup of coffee in her left hand, right fingers flipping pages of Curve magazine.

Her body shivered momentarily before she walked towards the woman.

"A cup of coffee...?" The cross-legged woman opened the conversation.

"Ah no, thank you!" Abella responded as was adjusting herself on the seat. Apart from the woman, there were only six other customers in the place, all white and in couples.

"You might love their pastries then," said the woman, pointing at her plate. "try and tell." She sounded like a strong, self-assured type. 

"Oh, okay." Abella conceded, somehow bluntly as she picked up a piece of pasty.

"Good." The woman said, offering a handshake. "I'm Sanaz, but you may call me Shenaz." Her thick black hair waved loosely about her bare shoulders as her head tilted, swiftly. Her stronger version of Christiane Amanpour-like voice made Abella's brows rise.

"Ohkay." Abella shook the glossy hand. She was amazed at the strength it exerted on hers. "You know me already, I guess..."  

Shenaz smiled. "Surely, I do," her beautiful face exuded an air of odd confidence that was somewhat mystical. "Abella, is it?"

"Uh-huh." Abella moved her hand away. And as she did so, Shenaz gave her an odd look before saying, "First born to the family of Honorable Bomani, a Home-Affairs Minister. A very quick thinker and was an 'A' student throughout her education. Actually, her Black-Triangle file says she has an IQ level of 150!" 

"Once, while undertaking one of her two Masters' degree courses in Manchester, she got overly drunk and ended up on bed with her Turkish Professor whom she never figured out before to be an ass guy, until it was too late for her to--"

"Who told you about that?" Embarrassed, Abella had an immediate loss of breath. Oh gosh! I never told that to anyone!

"We are picky," responded Shenaz, her bright eyes never deviating from Abella's. "we pick our people at a very young age. There are different approach though, and times, for official enrollment to BT. We take--"


"Black Triangle."

"What is that?" Abella was perplexed.

"Never heard of that before?"

"No. Never. What is--?"

"Good." Shenaz said, shifting her attention towards a waitress that approached their corner. Shenaz ordered another cup of coffee. "I drink a lot of coffee, trying to quit smoking."

Abella wasn't in a mood to talk. She gazed slightly, at fairly-expensive chunky black triangular-gemstones stringed together around her hostess' neck. Have I seen something like this somewhere before! She recalled.

"You should order something." A matter of fact.

Abella ordered a bottle of Kilimanjaro water. "Tell me about that Black Angle."
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Friday, 14 December 2012

Is it wrong for a lady to carry a condom in her bag????

Going through a lady's handbag, you are bound to find a make-up kit, a small hand mirror, a pen, chewing gum or sweets, a comb or hair brush, lots of pieces of paper with scribbled gibberish and the list goes on. Seeing a condom in a lady's bag can raise eyebrows. The most likely thing that someone can say is that the lady is naughty or promiscuous especially if she is single. But what is wrong in carrying a condom around? You never can tell when one is having the itch.

Alright, it's up to you friends. What do you think about a lady carrying a condom in her bag? Is it normal, unlady-like, or simply unacceptable?

Let the heat begin!!!
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Friday, 7 December 2012

Progeny Foundation Walk4life 2

Progeny Foundation presents the 2nd Annual Sickle Cell Walk4Life on Saturday Dec 8, 2012.

Venue: Take off at Yard 158 Oregun

End Point: Banquet Hall Agidingbi, near Coca-Cola and Opposite LTV 8

Time: 7am
Date: Saturday Dec 8th, 2012

Walk4life is an initiative of Bukola Sogbuyi, a Sickle-Cell carrier whose resilience for life has impacted other carriers. Walk4life is aimed at curbing stigmatization accompanied with Sickle-Cell and reaching out to the less privileged who can't afford medical treatment.

Come walk with her and help in reaching out to others who may be ignorant or stigmatised.

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