Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Special!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all are having fun. Do not forget the reason for the season. Share the love and be generous today.
Alright, enough of the greetings. As a sign of appreciation to each and every one of you who had encouraged me since I started blogging in one way or the other, below is an excerpt from a novel I'm working on currently titled "Oforiwaa"
Do read and enjoy!
Happy Holidays!!!
Disclaimer: The characters in this story is purely a product of the writer's imagination. Any semblance to reality is just a coincidence.
"OFORIWAA" by Vanessa Sylver
The moment the Antonov aircraft touched grounds at the Kotoka airport, John felt a stirring in his heart. He was finally home, his motherland. He felt jetlagged in the 11hrs flight from New York to Accra. He had slept throughout the journey despite some of his students' effort to get him talking. He had deftly ignored them and allowed Mary Ann to attend to their incessant curiosity. He needed the rest. It had not been easy planning for this trip. It had cost him sleepless nights to make the necessary arrangements for this trip.

To cut down cost, he had arranged with a childhood friend of his who resides in Accra and work with one of the tourism organisations in Ghana to help him out with transportation and accommodation. Being that it had been quite a while he visited his country, he was very meticulous in handling this trip. If he was the only one going for the trip, he would have handled any unforeseen incident himself. But the extra burden of taking care of 10 teenagers and three adults required him to take extra steps to ensure their safety.
He only prayed that his friend Kofi will not disappoint him. He had phoned him from the New York airport to inform him of their ETA. He had assured him that the VVIP coach will be available to convey them to their hotel.
Hotel, that is another issue. The sleeping arrangement is something he hasn't really thought of. Kofi had given him a list of the hotels available, their standards and rates. He had told him to make the decision for him since he hardly stayed or visited a hotel during his stay in Ghana. As long as it was affordable and meet up to a medium standard, he was cool with it.
The students despite their tiredness, excitedly alighted from the aircraft. John tried to decipher the different emotions displayed on their faces.
"Not what you are expecting?" he asked Mary Ann who kept staring at the sky.
"Yeah" she said breathlessly. "the African sky is so beautiful."
And so are you. John muttered out of her earshot. He hadn't expected her to make such remark. He joined the dazed students and ambled down the luggage point.
"You ready to see the monkeys?" he screamed at the students as they picked up their luggage but got silence in reply. He mused on what weird thoughts will be whirling in their minds.
Kofi wasn't hard to notice in the maddening crowd at the arrival hall. His tall frame and dreadlocks easily gave him away. Though he was darker than John, he still looked more like a foreigner than a citizen.
"Masaa!" he shouted as John approached him. They hugged vigorously and exchanged pleasantries in Twi before John introduced him to his group.
"Ummmm guys... This is Mr Plange. Kofi Plange. He will be our tour guide on this trip. So if you have any question about Ghana, he is the person you should talk to."
The students nodded and gave him a wry smile.
Mary Ann stepped forward and formerly introduced herself to Kofi.
"You have such a beautiful sky." she said as they walked to the coach.
"So they say but you guys got the beautiful life."
She smiled, giving away her dimples.
Kofi thought to himself that he had just met an angel. He admired her from the corner of his eyes. She was a pretty one and he doubted if John had kept his hands away from her. Her pointed nose shot out like an arrow from a corner view. He hadn't been able to stare directly at her eyes but he had caught a glimpse of hazel eyes when they had shook hands. Her hair was packed in a ponytail and the sunset rays made the golden streaks of her hair glow radiantly. She was tall for a woman. Unlike his country's women who were not too tall, Mary Ann could pass for a tall lady here in her 5.8 inches height. She was quite slender but shapely. Her well rounded hips sway seductively as she marched her way to the coach. There was no way John would have let her be without trying her out. He concluded within himself.
The students looked tired and confused to him. They looked like they need a long bath and a long nap. And a good meal too. One of the students with a weird piercing on her nose had not taken her eyes away from him. He wondered what's on her mind. People always give him the weird look because of his tall frame and dreadlocks. But dreadlocks is a fashion trend in Ghana. Only that it was related to Reggae music lovers which sadly, he is not. The young lady seem to be a music lover from her looks. Maybe a rockstar wannabe. He prayed silently that she won't approach him for any musical advice because she will be highly disappointed.
He watched John helped the students get on board the coach. Wai, his friend has changed. The arrogant John or Nana Yaw as he like to call him is acting all caring and patient with kids. Kids, not even a lady. Ha, something must have happened to him.
He couldn't wait to have a chat with him. He helped Mary Ann to the coach then smiled knowingly at John who gave him a back out look. He chuckled and turned to go speak to the driver. This trip was going to be fun, he smiled as he gave the driver instructions to DutcHotel which was fifteen minutes drive from the airport.
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