Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Wrath of Jezebel...contd by Amos Bwire

Tearfully, Abella had moved onto the bed, her body shuddering with anger and disbelief. Hands were on her sizzling head. A moment later she stopped crying took her cellphone and punched Lucinda's number.

"Your voice doesn't sound okay." It was Lucinda. "Are you fine, sweetie?"

"Not really, Lucy." 

"What happened?  Tell me. Tell me."

"He just hit me....."

"He what?"

"That's it Lucy."

"I can't believe this! But why?"

"I don't know.  He just jumped on me today and--" Suddenly, she was in mild sobs.

"Bastard!" Blurted Lucinda. "Tell me, did he hurt you? Is he there?"

"No. Not much, dear. He is not here. He wanted to tell me he is moving out. I told him 'go ahead,' and he got angry, hit me, and rushed out!"

"Oh that good. Pole honey!" Said Lucinda, her voice concerned. "He wants to move out? As if you would care!"

"Actually I'll be so glad! I'm tired of this man!"

"Can I come and pick you up?"

"No. I'm coming."

"Ok, sweetie. I'll be waiting then…And I have a surprise for you, tonight."

"Oh, Lucy!" 
As the phone line went off, Abella heard a doorbell chiming. It was the watchman.
"Sorry madam, someone just came by and handled me this." It was a small parcel, wrapped neatly, in a gift paper, and there was a greetings card attached onto it. "He said it's for you."

"Lucy, Lucy, Lucy…" Abella hummed, before she opened the envelope. The card had but one sentence:

"Meet me tomorrow, 6pm sharp, at Serena."

What is this? She thought, anxiously. Still at the front door, Abella opened the parcel. There were at least 30 pictures, and a recorded video disk. The pictures were obvious, with various sexual scenes that were taken on at least six different occasions, involving her and Lucinda. Some were from Lucinda's mansion. Others from hotels' suites. Most of them had some filthy, jaw-dropping actions, various types of toys and with Abella mostly on the receiving end. The simplest of the photos involved of a deep kissing action that took place inside Lucinda's car.

Staring at her Pandora's Box, Abella got sweaty. Her chest thundered, heavily. "Oh, my God! Oh-oh-oh-my--" She tried to step back inside the house. But with just one step in, darkness clouded her vision. All sense of hearing suddenly faded. Her skeletal muscles lost control. She felt dizzy, before her body slumped to the floor. She blackened out.
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