Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Wrath of Jezebel...contd By Amos Bwire...

"We have to talk…" It was almost 9pm. He was getting in from office, and with the worst news of his career.
"Talk..?" She was busy on a dresser. "What's there to talk about?"
He stared at her through the mirror as she was working out her face. "Where are you going?"
"Do I ever ask you that question whenever you go out?"
"What's wrong with you?"
"What's wrong with me?" Her voice was stony. "That question should have been thrown back at you!"

Yes, since the day she had slept out, almost three months back, for the pair, things had never been the same again. He had demanded explanations that she was never ready to give. He sought for a chance to explain his side of that Jezebel's wild prank, Abella never gave him one. Her body language had changed. And, the love that she had always felt for Elijah was turning into deadly
hatred. Feelings that she had felt for him, for years, were drastically being replaced by a preoccupation towards Lucinda. Whenever thoughts of being in her new lover's presence crossed her mind, her body would ache. She was so obsessed by Lucinda that her thinking was no more as straight as had ever been. It was like magic. It was awkwardly stunning that she would feel so cared, valued and treated opportunely that she felt really like a woman she never was, before.
To Abella, there was nothing best she had felt in her sex life like what she was now experiencing with Lucinda.
Lucinda has always been there for her, not just monetarily and physical, but sometimes Lucinda would know what Abella wanted or needed before
she opened her mouth to tell it. She could read her minds so easily and effectively. To her life, Lucinda was really a surprise gift package.
Sexually… there was simply no one who knew the hows and wheres of her body, like the way Lucinda did. "I never thought sex meant more
than just having a powerful penis that could make you climax ten times a night, afterwards leaving you empty, stressed out, insecure, and of less
value to the man." She told Lucinda one day, while the two were on bed together. Abella wasn't having any problems vocalizing either her preferences or asking for new experiences to Lucinda. And always Lucinda's response had been both positive, and with much expertise.
Abella had never felt so contented in her life. Her routines had become less and less clearer to him. Just the night before, Abella had returned home so late and was kind of drunk. She had
texted him a message earlier that day, saying she was attending a co-worker's kitchen party but truth is, Lucinda had dropped by and picked her up.
"Last came back at two. And you're about to get out this time?"
"Yesterday was a kitchen party. Today is Sendoff." She spoke, her eyes stuck on the mirror, making up her eyelashes. "Do you have problem with
"Listen Abe…I have been observing you for two months now. I don't understand what's going on with your life…Is there something that I should
know about?"
"No.." Her life was clearly in shambles and Elijah was the last person she would expect to really help straightening her back. "Just go ahead and sort yourself out first, with your slut!"
"How many times am I gonna tell you about this? I don't have no slut!"
"So, she's a nun, huh?"
"Stop pretending! Your 'Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!' Isn't she your slut?'"
"C'mon, I did not have sex with her! I already told you that. Why don't you--"
"Like hell, you did!" She snapped.
"Gosh! Here we go again…" He said, his hands flying in the air.
She ignored him. She started for her wardrobe.
"Ok. Ok. Wait!" His eyes shifted to his cellphone that was in his hand. He scrolled across the text messages. "Now, see this..." He handled over his
phone, to her. There was a heated up exchange of text messages between him and Jezebel, dated back to six weeks.
Abella grabbed the phone and scrolled over text messages exchange between Jezebel and Elijah:
Jezebel: I swear, you are going to pay dearly, for the way you humiliated me!
Elijah: Stop your hysterical euphoria, Jazzy. I've done nothing to you!
Jezebel: Do you think you could humiliate me that much, and get away with it? I swear over my dead mother's body, I'll get even with you!
Elijah: Swear on whatever your crazy mind tells you to. It's plain; I'm not going to sleep with you. Ever again!
Jezebel: Asshole!
No more text.
"You bastard!" It was Abella, throwing the cellphone away. Luckily, it landed on the bed.
"What?" Elijah was puzzled. He thought that could have been a game changer.
"You fabricated all this! You fabricated this! You and your filthy slut fabricated this, just to make me believe your stinky lies, huh?" She panted. "Oh, my God! I hate you!"
"Whoa! Whoa! You just said--?"
"I hate you!" She said, sarcastically. "And, you know what they say about guys like you?"
"Guys like me…What do you--?"
"Once you are a sodomizer, your brain turns to shit!"
"Abella, stop talking to me that way!" He snapped.
"What now, huh? Ukweli unauma eeh?"
"First, I'm not a sodomizer!"
"Ugh!" She creaked in profound indignation.
"Second. I'm your husband!"
"My husband…" She echoed the word, as if she had long forgotten of its meaning. "Are you--?" She didn't have enough time to move, she just saw stars as his palm smashed heavily on her right chick. Wham! She staggered and her head hit on the wall. "Aaaaiih! Mama weee!" Out of
shock and disbelief, She wailed. "Yani Elijah unanipiga? Unadiriki kunipiga bila kosa! Nimekukosea nini jamani? Is this what you wanted to do to me, sio? Oh my God!"
He was mute. His eyes burnt over her face. His chest heaved.
Abella kept on wailing and shouting at him.
"Enough with your humiliations! Enough! I'm leaving this house! Tired!"
He stared at his palm as if it wasn't his. In his entire life he had never laid a hand on a woman. It shocked the hell out of him too. "Abella--"
"Shut up! You go ahead." She waved her hand dismissively at him. "Go ahead and bring your slut in! I'm leaving this hou--!"
"Abella, listen to me. I wanted to tell you that I'm--!"
"I don't want to hear anything from--"

"Ok. Ok. I'm out!" Compounded by confusion and frustration, Elijah stormed outside and off the house.
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