Monday, 15 October 2012

Is it wrong to date my ex's sister

A friend of mine on BBM was chatting with me over the weekend about his dilemma and would want to get readers opinion on the above subject.

Hi Vay,
Please I would like to know if it is wrong to date my ex's sister. You see, I secretly dated this young lady two years ago. We had a wonderful relationship but my problem with her was that she was too cagey. At a point, I felt too suffocated and had to break up with her to breathe some fresh air. We stayed in the same neighbourhood but since our relationship was unknown to others, we saved ourselves the public pity.

Recently, her elder sister has been fond of me. You know how it is in the estate; we are like a small family unit. We met at a supermarket and we got talking. She will call me late in the evening for a stroll and I realised I like her. She was funny, lovely, silly at times but more matured than her younger sister.

I once made a move on her but apologised later. She wasn't miffed a bit. But the problem is that she is now making a move on me. Just yesterday(Thursday) she took my BB charger cos she forgot hers in the office. When I went to her place to collect it, she tried to kiss me and caress me but I stopped her. I don't know why but I guess I felt guilty loving her when she is not aware that I dated her younger sister two years ago.

She was in the university back then and my ex relocated to abuja few months ago.

I don't know if I should tell her about my relationship with her sister but I'm scared I might lose her cos I really like her and would love to date her.
Pls I need your advice...

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  1. He should be honest with her. If not he may lose her anyway for dishonesty. He should give her a chance to decide. She may not give a shit about her sister. If she does then he would be respected for being a man. There are plenty of women willing and probably ready to love him better. Yes many do it but he needs to set his own values as it should be. By the way he needs to find love in another household. If they are sisters,he may find out their behaviour are the same. 

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  3. Ok. It's as simple as this. There is no problem on dating your ex's sister or brother. The only issue is...before you take her/him to bed, make sure she/he knows about your other affair with her/his sis/bro. And believe me, if she loves you, she will never say NO.
    But, if you don't, and then she comes to find out(worse, through your ex) that you "once" had sex with her sis(even while unconsciously drunk and never tried it again...)and you never told her until after you've slept with her, chances are from the day she finds out, your affair is literally dead