Friday, 12 October 2012


Sleeping with a best friend spouse is usually an act done out of jealousy, mistake or the case of opportunity presents itself and is better kept as a secret. But when your best friend gives you the green light, will you turn on the ignition?
This seems not to be a big problem for the former WWE championship wrestler, Hulk Hogan, whose sex tape went viral last week. Hulk Hogan confessed on a TV show recently that the woman in his sex tape was Heather Clem, the now-estranged wife of his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge. Hulk said he was having issues at home with his wife and Bubba, a syndicated DJ came to the rescue by offering his wife to Hulk. What are best friends for?
If you were in Hulk's shoes, would you sleep with your best friend spouse? Even when they have given you their blessings to commit the act, would you?
Let the heat begin!!!

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  1. The sleepiing with best friends wife in this case was concented. No need for debate on this issue. History told us it wasn't new. Moe power to them. Is that different from wife swap? Threesom? Orgy? ???

  2. long as my marriage is irreparable and I feel my best friend's wife and she feels me and my best friends is ok with that...actually, a threesome could even be more adventurous in the case.