Thursday, 18 October 2012

Will a woman's love cure my heartbreak from men?

I got this message from a reader on BBM and she wants your advice. Personally, I'm indifferent to lesbianism. But I do think that heartbreaks in relationships is not gender based. Anyway, read and do please give her an advice...

Hi Vay,
I need an advice. I'm thinking of becoming a lesbian. I have been through a lot of heartbreaks from men that can last me for a lifetime, and I'm tired of it all. I can't take the pain anymore. I feel having a girlfriend as a lover will do me more good since she is a woman like me, I think I can deal with the package.
I have only been with a woman once and I liked it. But this time I want to have a relationship with a woman. Simply put, I want to be a lesbian. But I'm scared. My religion forbids it. I'm also scared of what society will think of me. Please I need an advice from anyone. Thank you.


  1. Lesbians will equally do to you what men has done to you. You shouldn't just become a lesbian because you want to be free from a heartbreak. Talk to friends about it. And you have heal first before you can love again...if love is missing in your relationship with a woman, you will find yourself at the bottom again.
    Wish you luck in your decision...hoping you make the right one?

  2. Give me ur pin and I will hook u up with a lesbian...

  3. The answer is YES and No. It all depends on how deep are you gonna swim into that Lesbian sexual pond(not love coz there is practically none) the deeper you fall in it the more exposed to an even more serious heartbreak you might become. Most of Lesbians are playas and if you have issues with your playa man, get ready to a serious rollercoaster ride to the farside...