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The Wrath of Jezebel(Chapter 3) by Amos Bwire

Disclaimer: Though some of the events described
in this piece of writing are based on actual events,
this account is entirely fictional. By no means does
this writing intend to imply that events depicted
actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors
described are engaged in a society within, or
condoned by the author.

The sweating had never subsided.
The feeling was as awkward and hopeless as he
reckoned how stupid his ill-advised decision was,
that he almost fell into her cheap trap. Why did I
nearly succumb to her temptations?
At his house, there was no sign of his wife’s car. He
rushed inside and straight to the bedroom. She
wasn’t there. Somehow he was thankful. He'd have
enough time to calm himself down and get
prepared for their planned 'night-out.' He went on
and took a bath. Dressed up, he went to the patio..
An hour passed, still no signs of Abella. Is it traffic
jam or she has problems with the car? He thought,
before dialing her number. There was no answering
from her side. He did so for over half an hour. He
was getting restless. He checked his watch, it was
1030pm. He went back to the bedroom. Took off
his shirt. Kicked off his shoes. Jumped on to the
She tried the door. It was not locked.
Quietly she opened it and walked inside the room.
Her eyes surveyed for a moment, before they
landed on to the bed.
“Hullo, time for breakfast..." She said, melodically,
seating her sexy frame at the edge of bed,
aromatic serving-tray warming her laps.
Abella, whose back was onto Lucinda, rolled herself
over. A fragrant reality sneaked in her nostrils even
before she opened her heavy eyes. And when she
did so, she was taken aback. She could see a bowl
of chicken soup, boiled bananas and varieties of
fruits, all staring at her. Oh my God! Her heartbeat
acknowledged. “Hi Lucy, ‘morning?” Her eyes so
"Morning. How do you feel, partner?"
Abella felt a sudden hammering in her head.
"Oh Pole. You took in so much wine last night,
"Ah! Ahsante, partner.” Acknowledged Abella,
wincing. "I think it's the mixing…never tried a
strong stuff before." She stared outside glass
windows, through lacy curtains. It was daylight.
“Oh my God!” She got panicky. “Did I overslept! I
have to go, Lucy!"
"You will, partner." Was a calm response from
Lucinda. "Just have this first." She pointed at the
bowl of soup.
Baffled, Abella had her big eyes bigger. “Is this for
“Yep. It’s breakfast to start your new day."
"Oh, Lucy, thank you! But truly I should leave now.
I slept outside my home. Mungu wangu!" A night
outside her home for the very first time, gave her
fits. She dragged her body forth. Halfway off the
sheets, she realized she was actually naked, except
for panties and bra. Oh, my! She was shocked. Had
no memory of taking off her clothes.
"Where is my phone..?” She asked, her eyes
restlessly wondering around. Lucinda picked a
strawberry and offered it to Abella, who parted her
lips in acceptance. “Where is my phone, Lucy?”
“Here.” Lucinda said, simultaneously stepping aside
towards a dresser. She opened one drawer and
came up with the phone. She handled it to a
quizzical Abella.
“You put it in there?”
Lucinda nodded. She didn’t tell Abella that she had
also profiled the cell phone to 'silence' mode.
There were 15 missed calls, the last one been two
hours back, around 7am. All were from Elijah. “Oh
God, no! I should call him back! I--”
“No!" Snapped Lucinda. "Don’t do that!”
“What Lucinda?" Abella was in awe. "I should let
him know where I am. He might be running to
Police stations by now.”
“I’ve done that already. Last night.”
“What? You called him? What did you tell my
husband, Lucinda?” Tension was building up.
“No I didn’t call him. I sent him a text message.”
“Oh my God! What did you tell him?”
Lucinda grabbed a cellphone from Abella and
scrawled for 'sent' messages. “Here, read it.”
Abella took the phone and read the message. Done
reading, she gulped in a huge chunk of air. “My
goodness! Why did you tell him this? How am I
going to explain this lie to him? What am--?”
“Partner, I know. I know. That will be easy…" The
calmness in Lucinda amazed even the angry Abella.
"But before you get back there, you have to first be
in control of the situation. Do you understand?”
“Oh, my God!" Said Abella, her eyes mild wet.
Quietly, Lucinda extended the tray onto Abella's
lap. “Well, take him off your chest, partner. He isn't
a man enough for you.”
“No I can’t, Lucy." Abella shook her head, picking a
spoon from the tray. "He has hurt me so much that
I can’t take him off my chest so easily.”
“You’ll have to. You are going to.”
“Lucy, he’s my husband," She chewed on a chunk
of chicken breast. "And I don’t know yet what I
should do. This whole thing is too much for me!”
“Abella, listen,” Her voice became more of an order,
than a suggestion. “No more whining, right? Be a
woman. You have me here. Isn’t that enough, at
least for a--?”
“I don’t know Lucinda. I don’t--”
“You will, unless you don’t want to.”
The two kept on trading vibes for a moment, until
when Abella was done with the breakfast.
“Ok, get up, time to go take a shower.” Lucinda
spoke, collecting an emptied tray from Abella. “Let
the water take the tension off you.”
“Oh, no. I have to go, Lucy. I cant--”
“You’ll have a bath first.” Lucinda said, matter of
fact. “Let’s go.”
“What do you--?” Abella was a little puzzled.
“I want to give you a warm bath.” Lucinda clearly
meant what she said.
“Uh-uh! Not that, Lucy. I have--"
“C’mon, Abe. Stop being foolish!"
"I can’t. Sorry.”
"You feel shy to share a bath with me?" She placed
the tray on the bedside table. "Is that your
problem, huh?”
Abella wanted to say something but stopped as she
saw Lucinda standing up and in a voice so stern
she said, “Okay, look here.” Abella's heart jumped.
A choked air slipped off her gaped lips. "Oh, my!"
She stared at Lucinda who had released the knot
that tied her purple robe, allowing it to drop off her
shoulders and stripped all the way down her
ankles. Abella was staring at the most beautiful,
fascinating morphology she had ever seen. In
shock and disbelief, an urge to move her hand and
feel the strength and beauty of Lucinda was
building inside her.
“Hey, wake up! What are you staring at?” Lucinda
said, waving her palm in a wiping motion in front of
a stunned face.
Abella jumped as if she was awakened from a
horror dream. Her left hand ran onto her heaving
chest, Oh my God, what am I thinking?
Lucinda outstretched her hands and pulled Abella
out of bed.
Abella, amazed by the physical strength Lucinda
displayed as she dragged her across the room so
easily, protested “Oh please, Lucy!”
“C'mon, it’s just a bath. B-a-t-h," Spoke Lucinda,
opening the door that led to the bathroom.
Abella, naked and shamed, took a deep breath as
she braced herself for an experience she never had
ideas of.
Standing under a shower-head, warm water being
sprayed over her body, Abella trembled like a chick
in a rainfall. She flinched and giggled shyly when
Lucinda dipped a soft cloth into the soapy water
and trailed it across her body. Bubbles cascaded
from her neck and over her cleavage, dribbling
down her belly, disappearing underneath.
Lucinda turned Abella around and braced her in
her slender, yet strong arms. She ran the soapy
cloth over her shoulders, down across her back,
slowly over her ample butt, with strokes that were
sensuous it left Abella humming and pressing
herself back against Lucinda. She squirmed at the
feel of Lucinda’s toned body, rubbing against her
tender skin as their bodies slightly tangled…
When they were done, Lucinda ran a towel over
Abella. “How do you feel now, Abe?” She asked,
wrapping the towel around her torso.
Abella smiled, shyly, still not believing what was
going on in her mind. Her eyes struggled to leave
Lucinda’s body that had streams of water trailing
off its gloss, naked truth.
“Let’s get out of here.” Said Lucinda, slapping
Abella’s buttocks, lightly. She took Abella by the
hand, all the way to her bedroom. The two stopped
right at the edge of the bed.
Her mind still apprehensive, Abella had her heart
pumping like a drum. She swallowed the lump in
her throat and forced herself to speak. "Lucy, I
have to be honest, I don't think this is-" Before she
was done, Lucinda had pressed her thick lips over
hers. And by the time Lucinda broke that kiss,
Abella was speechless. Oh, my God! Questions
flooded into her head. What do I do? What if he…?
As if Lucinda had read her mind, she spoke in her
normally smooth voice, still holding on her hand, "I
know you’re scared, Abe. Just let go. Trust
yourself." Then she lowered Abella onto bed. She
didn’t resist, "Promise me one thing..."
"Mmh?" The voice came out in tremors.
"No more thinking, right?" And as if she expected
the answer to be 'yes,' Lucinda attached her lips
over Abella’s, again. Time stopped.

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