Friday, 7 September 2012

FRIDAY HEAT: What would you do if you found out that your ex is HIV positive?

Shock? Fear? Joy?
What would be your first reaction to this harsh news especially if it's not too long ago you broke up with him/her?

Eno recently broke up with Esua. They have been on and off in their relationship for a while due to the conflict of their personality types. While Eno was an extrovert to the core, Esua was the exact opposite. Unwilling to find a meeting point, they both decided to go their separate ways. A week later, Esua came begging and after much display of emotions, they both ended up in bed. The following day, Eno still adamant to end the relationship FINALLY called it quits.
Two months later, Eno was shopping in a local market when she ran into one of Esua's buddy who told her that her ex has been diagnosed of HIV. If you were Eno what would you do?
Let the heat begin!!!


  1. Well, i will feel pity for him. That's all. I know I cant be infected becuse I practice abstinence.

  2. My initial reaction will be shock because of our past relationship. On the other hand, i will go for a checkup to find out my status. If it turns out that I'm negative, i will sympathise with him.
    But i will like to find out how he got infected.

  3. Fear. I will definitely go for a test. If it's positive, i will cry. If it's negative, i will be happy.
    Callista, Onitsha

  4. My 1st step would be 2 go 4 an HIV test Cos I don't blieve there's anyfin dat says since my partner has it then am sure 2 av it. So I'll Calm myself Down en do a thorough thinking. If am negative I throw a big parry <=-P But if its the other way roundX_X :'( Then I guess we just av 2 marry each other. There's no going back @ all. Where will I go to? Who will accept me?
    Cute Catty