Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Wrath of Jezebel...contd by Amos Bwire

Did that kiss turn me on! Abella argued within, as
soon as Lucinda broke the kiss.
“You’re so beautiful, Abella,” Whispered Lucinda,
leaning slightly on Abella. “So fucking beautiful!”
What? Did I hear that correctly? Abella thought,
half shocked-half dazed. She saw a glimpse of
naked desire in Lucinda’s eyes. This is so bad! She
thought, indecisively and said “No, this is wrong!”
But in the act of betrayal, her own treasure was
“Honey,” Said Lucinda, getting her face closer to
Abella's. “There is nothing wrong to being
pleasured.” This time the kiss became a bit
And the next hour was like a slideshow…

Lucinda maneuvered her hips with Abella's. Then
for a moment, she ground and wrestled her sex
with Abella's. There was a pure electrifying ripple
across two beautiful bodies. It wasn't much, but it
was something worth to go on and on. Abella
closed her eyes and began to grind back onto
Lucinda whose tongue was sliding deeper into her
mouth. No more resistance. They rubbed up and
down, lips-to-lips, sex to sex. Soft moans of
pleasure left one mouth and slipped into another
with kisses that became more forceful and urgent.
The competition was driving Abella insane. She
was getting more aggressive under Lucinda, her
center folds increasingly dampened, melding with
Lucinda's. The more their kisses got wet, the slimy
their loins got.
Abella shivered as Lucinda’s hands roamed her
body, caressed her hips…squeezed her breasts…
circled her waist. A palm came up and lingered for
a moment, around one breasts, before the fingers
land on a nipple, tugging it gently. An audible
moan crawled Abella as the kisses drifted slowly,
towards her neck.
“Please…” Abella whimpered when she felt the
warmth of Lucinda’s lips over her breast. She felt
tiny bursts of fire leaping from her chest. Lucinda
kissed a trail down her belly, pausing to swirl her
tongue in the hollow that was her navel. Abella
panted as she felt Lucinda’s tongue roaming
lower, kissing her way down her torso, tasting the
perspiration of her skin. She jerked in Lucinda’s
grip of her thighs. Her hips arched, nails pricked
her lover’s shoulders as her lips neared her inner
thighs. Abella felt a rage of heat rush through her
loins as her forbidden lover's tongue kissed and
bit, lightly, around the area, licked behind her
knees, with passionate intensity. “Oh, this is
wrong, Lucy. W-r-o-n-g…” She was mumbling.
Lucinda had her knees on the carpet. She seized
Abella’s legs, spread them apart and without
warning, she dove in and drunk of hers, with one
long swat. Abella whimpered. The stump of her
folds pulsed at the warmth of Lucinda’s mouth.
“Lucinda!” She whispered weakly, feeling so
exposed that the thought of shame tore through
her chest, Oh, my God, to a woman!
But soon she was shaking hysterically as the
tongue slipped across the slit, sliding inside her
broken flesh. “Lucy! Lucy! Please . . .” She was
straining herself against Lucinda, grinding her
intimate folds against attacking lips. Her hips
swayed. Her heels dug into the mattress. Her
hands struggle to find a proper place to grab and
hold on. Hairs…Mattresses…Breasts…Heads. She
was fighting for each chunk of air to breathe as
pressure rushed allover her.
Hearing Abella crying out her name and her
thighs locking around her head as if she wanted
her to stay there forever, Lucinda eased her
tongue movements. She moved her lips around
and was breathing warmly over the place. Her
tongue lashed around the engorged clit, until
when she heard of those deep, inarticulate sounds
that tore off Abella’s throat. She stopped.
"Oh, Lucinda, what are you--?" She was sweaty,
as if the AC was not blazing at full speed.
"Shhhh! No talking. Just enjoy, okay?" Lucinda
whispered back. In a quick motion, she rolled over
and was now on top of Abella, in a 69. That way,
she was in total control. She clamped on Abella's
thighs, drawing them farther apart in exposure of
well-spent, overly dampened, divine folds.
Suddenly, Abella felt a rush of air inbetween her
legs. She tried to twist and move the legs off
Lucinda’s strong grip. She failed.
Lucinda lowered her face. She spat and licked
against the entrance, dampening the area, before
her hand moved down under the mattress and
got hold of the vibe. "Relax, okay?" She spoke to a
writhing Abella.
Abella heard a quiet whirring noise. What is that?
But before she had time to think further, she felt
something lively moving over her inner thigh.
"Aaah!" She gasped in shock as the vibe teased
around for a moment. Her thighs jumped and
tightened until she could feel muscles straining.
The vibe pulsated near her slit. Then without
hesitation, Lucinda placed the vibrator at the
central tip of mankind. “Owww!” Abella had her
eyes widened. Strange sensation crashed over her
body like a tidal wave. Her body shook severely.
"Oh, Lucy! Oh, Lucy!” She tried to fight against
the sensual edge inflicted by that strange invader.
With vibrations deepening on her depths, she
began to writhe beneath the stronger body on top
of her. She couldn’t lie still. Her head thrashed
against the mattress. Orgasms built up and up
inside her like she was climbing a steep mountain,
each step coming with shock and more force,
suppressing the incomplete other. Her breathing
became irregular. Her heart raced so fast with
each stimulation. Suddenly, a fear of death
overwhelmed her. She thought she wasn’t going
to survive the pleasure.
Lucinda knew what was about to happen. “Ah-ah,
not that quick, honey.” She moved the vibe off
Abella’s genitals. As she did so, Abella uttered a
sharp, painful cry. Her head shook in desperation.
Her thighs fell more wide apart. She longed that
magic onto her aching flesh. “Oh, please..!” She
begged for it. She could feel her milky secretion
breaking through in anticipation of another
sensational feeling as if she could die without.
There was pain off a rejected orgasms. Blood filled
in the area and pounded allover her sex. She
strained her body up and closer to the hovering
vibe that buzzed and teased slightly above her
intimate folds. And when the merciless invader
landed another attack on her, it inflicted deeper
unimaginable spasmodic sensations. The reactions
were shocking. Every part of her honey pot was
being rocked, in unison. Each vibration electrified
senses of pleasure she never thought they exist.
She was like going to get blown by a heart attack.
Lucinda pleased her new lover with delicate,
regular strokes that edged pleasurable-pain on
her body. And seeing Abella shuddering in awe-
ridden wave, filled with guilty and despair, she
switched the vibe to an upper gear...increasing
the tempo. There was an immediate chain of
groans from Abella whose whole body tightened
up, then tensed, before it started to jolt violently,
lashing her senses with pure absolute rapture.
There, she saw that mountaintop. And there,
Abella swore her brains exploded, and her ‘male’
sweetheart’s existence broke into fragments.
Slowly, her orgasmic chain subsided. Her hips fell
back onto the bed. Her chest heaved. She was
totally s-p-e-n-t, in all ‘five’ senses of the word.
Lucinda pulled herself up to her side, feeling
rather tired herself. She brought her hand to
Abella's hair and began to stroke it, lovingly,
assuring. "Did I do you good?" She asked, timidly,
her whole face glistening with Abella's squirts.
Abella smiled weakly. "Ooh, Lord, I don't know..."
Exhaustion overwhelmed her with a force
equaling her ejaculation. Her loins ached and her
entire body totally wrung out. She became aware
of the fact that she had just let another woman
stick her tongue into her genitalia…and do all the
things she had never ever dreamed of. She felt
shyness flooding back at her. "Felt great, Lucin--”
"Like...?" Interfered Lucinda, awkwardly.
"Mh! Maybe like…" She blushed, her big eyes
rolling in a satisfying smile. "Like Kama Sutra in
Lucinda smiled. She lowered her face at Abella.
Another long, passionate kissing resumed.
In her adult life, never had Abella ever fallen
asleep cradled in someone's arms, but the
comfort and safety that she felt in Lucinda's as
she began drifting off to a long sleep, were
Bwire Amos © 2012

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