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As it opened, Nasra sneaked her face in.
"Didn’t I say ‘No calls’?” Jezebel’s voice rasped right away.

"Sorry, Madame, it’s your father,” In a little shaky voice, Nasra explained. “He said he tried your mobile and it’s not reachable.”

"Eish! What does he want?" Asked Jezebel, and quickly conceded "Ok. But after that…no one else!"

"Yes Madame.” The secretary ran her eyes quickly at Elijah whom had now moved on to the glass walls and stood there, awkwardly staring outside,
his back at the two young women. She could smell and read the map. She spoke to her Boss in a very
polite manner, “Madam, is it alright if I leave for the day…? Tomorrow we start fasting Ramaddan...”

"That’s fine, Nasra." Jezebel said, dragging herself up to pick her extension line. "Vunja jungu eeh?"
She added with a weak smile.

"Yes Madame, umejuaje?" Responded Nasra, in a slight giggle. She closed the door behind her and disappeared.

With Jezebel talking to her old man, Elijah, still taking rips on a burning joint, drew off his cell phone and dialed his wife’s number. From the glass walls he could see it was getting dusky and definitely he would get home late. "Hi darling… Yeah, I’m ok…. Oh, you won’t like to hear about my
day... heeeectic..! Oh really? I’m so glad then…Oh honey, I could feel that, so sorry. But I’ve got a great idea about that. And by the time tomorrow
comes all will be history... uh-huh …of course, of course…Still in the office, yeah. But I’ll be out in half an hour or so… Oh c’mon sweetheart, do I
sound drunk, really...? Don't be jealous baby, hahaaa..! Yeah, alone, know me…Ok, go
ahead, I’ll be there in an hour or--" That's when it happened. Before he knew it, a hand came off his
back and forcefully snapped his cellphone. Jezebel had caught him off-guard. In that instant he was speechless! He didn’t know, with the phone in her hands, what Jezebel’s next move was. She gave only one angry stare at it and quickly zeroed herself on him. And to his amazement she slipped the phone inside his jacket's pocket. There was no
chance for his recovery. She clasped his static body in her arms. "Let’s get down to business, stud."

"Jazzy, wait!" Another awkward protest as Elijah tried to jerk back. Jezebel had managed to take off
his fitting jacket, up to his hands.

“Wait a second, oh, wai--” His hands now tagged behind his back, he lost balance and knocked his foot on a side table. And as he tried to grab her for support, Jezebel pushed him recklessly and landed him on the sofa. She climbed right on top of him before he could react against.

"No, no. Jazzy… No!" He tried to push her off him, but her arms pressed down hard, around his shoulder blades. Her naturally-long fingernails dug him in. "I know what you want, baby." She spoke confidently, gyrating her fat hips with her tongue.
She eased her miniskirt over her naked buttocks before her hand reached down in between her legs.
She touched herself a few times then trailed her fingers right up and across his lips, under his nose.

He could smell the strong, musky scent of her sex. "Hmmmm!" He groaned wildly. She bent her head down and pressed her glossy lips, tightly onto his. She kissed him roughly, herself groaning. Her lips traveled down his jaw line and pressed into the hollow under his ear.

"And guess what," She whispered, hot marijuana breath warmed his skin. "Not there tonight, baby. She
wants it in the ass. She wants you to bang her bootee, hard!" That said, her lips roamed lower and, without warning she bit the side of his neck.
He growled and let his lips part. She used that opportunity to push her eager tongue between his teeth and let it play with his. His tongue pushed
back and she let him explore every contour of her mouth. The mixture of wine and marijuana in their mouths killed him. His kisses became responsively aggressive. A little moan escaped in the back of her throat, exciting him more. They kissed fiercely, unable to let go of each other.

Few minutes later, she pulled herself back, detached from his grip. She unbuttoned halfway of her sleeveless-top. "Oh, Shit!" He mumbled when
he saw her explosively enhanced breasts, halfway uncapped in a bra. With an evil smile, Jezebel said,
"Baby, some things never change,” She bent down and kissed him, eagerly. “And some things just get
better with time…"

His hands ran over her mini-skirt, moving around her rear. He was responding to her seizure."Oh,
Jazzy, c’mon…"

"Remember all the things we did, huh?” She murmured the warmth air on his neck. “Remember?”

"Damn… yeah, I do." His breathing got stronger. “But--”

"Things nobody knows about you, but only me," She said, herself breathing faster on him. "Our little sweet secrets…" She kissed him few more times before she stopped and unceremoniously unfastened his shirt buttons. He tried to push her back to no avail. She was already onto his nipples. She bite one, almost chopping it off. Elijah groaned heavily, in a pleasurable pain.
"Mm-mm, just lie down and let me take you, right?"
Her normally white eyes turned bloody red, with desire. She moved her right hand down in between their legs, this time onto his crotch. She rubbed him a few times "Oooh, God! You've got all the powers I need..."

"No no no no nooo…" He tried to take her hand off him. His nipples became stiffer. She saw them. She followed them again and sucked them. Elijah
rumbled. His pecs rippled. I got you...Jezebel thought, satisfaction all over her sexual face.

Quickly she slipped underneath him. "You've got something I dearly want…" She unzipped his pants. And in a flash, his hardness sprung out...

"No, Jazzy. noooo!" He snapped. She grabbed it. She squeezed. Then she caressed it, all the way up, and down. Elijah grabbed her head, trying to stop her from going there. He knew her baddest habit. Call it 'addiction.' "Ooh…ooh. Goddamnit, No!"

"Don’t stop me…Come on…don’t!” She was getting mad and his attempts were baring no fruits. He
knew her so well, especially when she became that better get out of her way or else...

"Oh, noo-oh-nooo…" He was melting.
"Quiet! Who said I’m going to bite, huh?" She spat heavily on his hood, before she ran her hand up and all the way down the trunk. "Let me do
whatever I want, for a night. You'll get back to your lazy wife afterwards!"

"Damn you, Jezeb--" She slapped him hard in the face. He cried out heavily.

"I said quiet! Lie back there and let me be the boss. Right? Right?"


"Answer me!” She took a burning joint from the ashtray and pressed it right onto his hardened, left nipple.

"Aaaarrrghhh! Stop! Stop!" He groaned out in pain.
She grabbed and pressed on his shoulders before he was able to react, and pushed him back down.

"Just be a good boy! Just be a good boy and all will be alright! Okay?"

"Oh, bitch!"

"I said…?" She barked at him.

"Ok! Ok! Fine! Shit!" He responded quickly and felt her mouth taking him right there and deep inside her mouth. He let out a loud, throaty groan. She knew all his weak sides and she was not gonna give him a chance.

“Oh noo, wait…please, wait…‛ He fought back weakly.
She released her mouth grip on him. “Hush-hush, baby, what?” She ran her fore finger over his lips and dipped it inside his mouth teasing him. “Look, nobody has to know. Nobody gets hurt, huh?”

“Oh, my…!” He was slipping off his mind as he felt her getting back on him. She was taking more and
more of him, burying him deep. “No honey, don’t… oh, shit!”

The warmth and the feeling were undeniably evil. He collected the last energy he had, pulled her face from him, and managed to forge his way off the sofa. Panting, he stood up and grabbed her. “What do you want, bitch? What do you want?” He kissed
her, rough. He threw away his suit jacket. The beast in him roared.

“C’mon, do it.” She challenged. “Is that what you want huh?”

He grabbed her. He ripped off her bra and threw it away. Her boobs popped out, violently. He was all over them. Lustfully, he scooped one into his mouth. He sucked it, hard, while caressing the other. He pinched the thickness of her nipple. She threw her head back and gasped, a small moan
escaping from the back of her throat with each suckling. Her back arched in a rainbow. She thought her heart was going to jump out of her chest. He licked his way up her collar bones and her neck, stopping at her lips and kissing her passionately, groaning quietly. His tongue traveled the shape of her lips, making her heart race even faster. His lips shifted down to her left ear, biting on her lobe, lightly.

“Oh God!” Her moans got so high pitched and their breaths got faster, shallow. He lifted her, took her in his hands, and carried her up to her desk. He placed her on top of it. He spread her legs. He ripped off her damp, white string and run it across
his big nose. It's sharp odor made his mind jolt.

"Oh, shit!"

"Oooh-oooh, baby, thug me!"
His left hand slid down her rib cage, curved around her hip, down her inner thigh and stopped there. She couldn't breathe. She moaned his old a.k.a, urging him, "Touch me!" Her arm moved down and grabbed his forearm, demanding.

He stared down at her face. She stared back and saw exactly the animal she was looking for. "Oh, bastard, touch me, touch me." She made out between short breaths. And when she felt couple of his fingers passing through her oozing slit, Jezebel let out a surprised moan of which he breathed in with a muffled gasp. She fought to contain herself,
partly embarrassed that her body was on verge of premature release.

"Oooh, I want you, in my ass!" She screamed.

"No!" Elijah said, but couldn’t stop doing what he was doing to her.

"Tell me, you did miss it. You did miss it, huh?" And in a surprisingly-quick motion, she pushed him off her. "Wait!" She snapped, sliding her legs down. She turned around and bent over the desk, spreading her legs wide. His eyeballs flashed by that crab tattoo on her lower back. "Damn you,
Jezebel!" His rumbling came out so huskily, his lips sagged at the sight of Jezebel, now on all fours with nothing left inhibited.

Her package staring right at him, Jezebel ran her fingers tantalizingly over a cascading tail-fan of gemstone-beads that surrounded her shapely
waist, before she spread her cheeks so wide apart, he could see the pleasure prize. Elijah flinched. His
nature muscled up. His face moved forth and under, drugging himself of her erotic sweatiness.

"Oh, shit!" He remarked, his eyes lost at her centroid. His fingers changed lanes.

"Oh, yeah…yeah…touch me. Touch my pooper!" She commanded, insistently. "Oh yeah, how is it? Aaasshhh!" Her chest was so low that her boobs
were pressing on her scattered files and stuff. Her hands scrapped restlessly and hit her laptop, which
slid off the desk. But He saw it. He placed his leg of which to fall on top. The laptop hit him, before it slid down the carpeted floor. She was groaning
carelessly around his fingering, her moans became louder and more intense with his movements.

Elijah drew his fingers out of her. He pushed his pants further lower, letting them slid their way down the ankles. He got hold of her waist. He moved forth, slightly touching her rear slit with his enormous hood. He stopped there. "Damn, I can’t do this!"

"Now!" She commanded, spreading her bootee lips further apart. "I want you, now!"

"I’m not gonna do this." His heart wrestled with his heads. "No, I can’t."

"I want you…get inside me." She grabbed his manhood. She was getting mad. "I say do it, bastard!"

"Goddamn it. No!" His body detached from hers.

Yet she still had him in her hand.
"Don't stop. You just can’t stop!" She turned around. She was fumbling with his body.

"No! Oh shit! No!" He tried.

"C'mon, I know you want my ass! Oh yeah, I know. Now, take it bastard. Take it!"

"Gosh!" He was overwhelmed. "Fuck you, Jezebel!"

He pushed her over the desk, laid her on her back. He swept her legs up and spread them wide apart. He lowered his face and spat, twice.
"Yeah, fuck me! You missed it…you always do... Oh-h-shh!" She taunted hysterically as she felt him
taking her legs further forth, they almost crossed with her shoulders. "Oooh! Oooh!"

His hardness barely had kissed her forbidden fruit, when something happened...

Lights went off, and the generator failed to pick up instantly. Everything stopped. The place became so dark they couldn’t see each other. With a little moral energy and strength left with him, Elijah detached his lower body from hers.

“Whuaat?” She screamed, fumbling with his hand in darkness. He pulled himself strongly, off the desk and moved further away.

“You stick your dick in my mouth then you don’t want to--?” She blurted. And in a vain effort to get hold of him, Jezebel sprawled across the desk.
Missing the edge of it for support, her body sprung all the way to the floor. She let out a sharp, agonizing cry. Sprawled across the floor, she tried
to say something, but nothing came out. She was breathing so heavily, matching his breathing that had by itself become erratic and too audible.

Half dressed-up, Elijah struggled to find back his suit jacket, and his cellphone.

“What happened to you?” She said, on her knees, collecting herself up.. “You never used to be this way.”

“My wife has moved back in. I can’t mess with her anymore.”

“Your wife made you stupid!”

He didn’t bother to respond. He kept on searching for the jacket, which he got hold of, a minute later. He paced on the direction of main door. But before he touched it, power came back and lights went on.

She saw him. "You son of a bitch!" She barked. "Get back here and finish what you’ve started!"

He didn’t turn back. He was opening the door now.

"You hear me?" She was shouting hopelessly, following him outside her office. She saw him rushing down the stairs. “I say come back and finish what you started or else you are--”

He turned around. "You get back inside there and get dressed," He shouted back at her. "Look at you!"

She stopped and stared down at herself. "Oooh my!" Her upper body was nude. She was standing
at the stairhead, watching him hopelessly, as he disappeared downstairs. “You hear me, coward?”
She shouted across, her voice was that of a violent uncontrollable anger. “You are fucking dead!”
Bwire Amos © 2012

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