Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Rihanna saved me...

I saw this tweet last night on Rihanna's TL on Twitter and I couldn't help but retweet it...
"Heavenly father I trust you, even if it doesn't feel good, even if it doesn't look right!"
Before I logged on to Twitter, I was in a sour mood. Someone got me really upset and this sprang up other disappointment and hurt I have been going through lately. I felt like throwing in the towel. It was like every effort I made have been thwarted by God-knows-who.
I felt dejected, hopeless and overwhelmed by a strong wave of doubt. I began to wonder if there was a God out there. Was He really listening to my prayers? Or has some Grinch hijacked my prayers and sent it to hell instead?
Where were all the beautiful promises He made to me? Why are my dreams not coming true?

Out of frustration, I logged on to Twitter and came across this lovely message on Rihanna's TL:

"Heavenly father I trust you, even if it doesn't feel good, even if it doesn't look right..."
Wow! That was a humble prayer and a very strong one too. That was faith staring back at me. Where is my faith? Why have I allowed doubt and fear to fill my heart?

There's a point in life when we get choked up by our problems. When everything seem static. It's like you are surrounded by one problem or the other. If you move to your left, there seems to be a financial block waving "hieeey" to us. If you move to the right, an emotional block is throwing those little rocks of rejection, hate, hopelessness at us. It seems there is no way out. And you are gradually crumbling, sinking, drowning in the sea of endless problems.

At this point, faith is so hard to achieve. When our prayers are unanswered, we lose faith and give in to doubt. We no longer trust in God to save us from our mess.

But it's times like this that God wants us to trust in Him. To let him take the wheels, to let him lead us while we follow, to let him work in His own way.
We are always eager to do things in OUR own way and time. We have to learn how to let God do things HIS own way and time.

When things are rosy or going as planned, it's so easy to say "God, I trust in you."
But when nothing is working out, it's a different story. But all that has to stop.

You don't have to give up because he's been silent. You have to push on, despite the ups and downs, despite the temptations, the disappointments, the failures, the tears and heartbreaks. You have to be willing enough to let him guide you, to trust in him to see you through, to believe in his word that he who has started a good work in you will complete it...(Phillipians 1:6)

Are you worried today? Do you feel like all your efforts to achieve a dream is not working? Do you feel bad that all your friends got all the latest gadgets and wears and you have none? Does it look like what you are doing now will not work out for you? Do you feel you are praying in vain that God is not listening to you? Do you feel like giving up?

God is there, right there with you. He is planning your breakthrough. His silence doesn't mean nonchalance.
He cares about you. All you have to do is TRUST!!!

Trust in him, have faith in him. And you will live to declare the marvellous work in his life.

Rihanna may not know this but that humble tweet of hers gave me a ray of hope, an upliftment in my spirit, an inspiration. I'm grateful to God for using her tweet to speak to me.
And I hope it does the same for you.
Have a blessed day!!!


  1. hi vanessa,i want to thank u for this write up and also for restoring faith and hope back to me.rihanna saved me too ;)

    1. Thanks dear, u r welcome. I wld hv loved to know ur name... Take care dear!