Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Read: FIGHTING JEZEBEL by Amos Bwire

When it comes to writing sexy romantic fiction, no one does it better like my Tanzanian friend, Amos Bwire. He never cease to amaze me with his stories. From its well-detailed plotting to the witty remarks and use of sultry expressions, Bwire is bound to get u hooked on your PC, laptop or mobile phone.
Just read this recent piece of his and I couldn't resist the urge to share it here.
Just for your Sunday; read and enjoy "Fighting Jezebel"

“I have won the tender!”

“What?" Remarked Elijah. “Are you kidding me?”

“No. I’m not kidding." Her voice overly excited. "My company has won it. I’ve won it!”

“Oh, what a great news! Congratula--”

“Oh c’mon…you are not that bad, Eli." She interrupted, her voice too sly. "I thought it would be a better idea if you'd drop by my office tonight
and, tell me that, face to face…”

“Well, I wish I could. But, you know I can’t.” His voice was lowered.

“Eish! Don’t tell me you’re still scared of me!”

Last time the two met in person, was almost two years ago, and she was the last person Elijah could be comfortable of meeting again. “Jazzy, you know I’m not scared of you…but you also know I can’t take the risk...”

A treacherous laugh heard from her end. “See? That's what I'm talking...coward!”

“Whatever, man. I just can’t be seen with you again. I vowed that to my wife. I can't break the--”

“Oh, really? So are you telling me that you want to see me but you are just afraid of your wife! Ololol!"


“Jazzy what?" She barked. "I just wanted to celebrate my best day of the year, with you, and you tell me you--”

“Hey listen--” Elijah was getting irritated.

“Four o’clock sharp…in my office, or else take a good care of your coward-self, Mr. Ciaoooo!” That said, her end of the line went off.

“Bitch! Who the hell does she think she is?” Elijah cried out to himself. And why does she hang up the
phone on me like that! He thought. His mood got restless...
Her wall clock read 4:45pm. There was no sign of him coming.
Pacing around her elegant office, Jezebel- a Group CEO at her father’s multinational construction Company- was getting nervous. I must have
infuriated him. Why did I...? Stupid!
Thirty minutes later and she was done. Angrily, she seized her handbag and was storming outside her office when her cellphone rang. She felt a thud off her chest. She fumbled with her Galaxy S3, almost
letting it slip off her hand.

“Where are you?” She shouted over the line without even checking on a caller ID.

“Hi Boss!” To her dismay, it was Othman, a Project Manager in her Nairobi branch. He called in to congratulate her. Jezebel had to apologize, desperately making up a story to brush off her gaffe. And while still online with Othman, her extension line rang.

“Hold on for a second, Othman! Have to pick this call…” She put down her
mobile and was on her extension line. It was Nasra, her PS, calling in to tell her that she had a male visitor. Jezebel responded, quickly, “Show him right through in, please!”
Then she picked back her mobile as the door opened and Elijah stormed inside.

As soon as she saw him, there was a momentous miscommunication between her upper and lower body. She whispered at him “Have a seat please!”

Elijah strolled past her wide-U executive-desk and to the Ola Sofa, far left of the spacious room. Beside
the sofa, placed a small bucket of ice and inside it was a sealed bottle of expensive white wine. There was a pair of tulip-shaped glasses beside the bucket. Elijah stood there for a moment, staring at the bucket. Shaking his head, he walked over and
to the glass walls. There he rolled the venetian blinds, wide open. He thrust his hands in his trousers’ pockets as his eyes surveyed down a congested Samora Avenue.

“So glad that you’ve made it…but you’re late!”
Jezebel said, approaching where he was standing. “Anyway, come give me a hug!"

Elijah turned his chiseled frame around and met with her embrace. Nothing would disturb him more
than being squeezed against Jezebel’s bosom. She gave him a tight hug and then held him at arm’s length, giving him an appraising look. "Is it raining
outside?" She asked as she spotted few rainy spots over his suit jacket.

"You know Dar weather, so unpredictable..."

"You should take it off and get dried--"

"Oh, no. Not now. Later." He protested. “And where did you get that?” He asked, his finger pointing at
the bottle of wine, trying to avoid any more confrontation with her. “I’ve looked all over the place for it, five days ago, and couldn’t get one.”

Jezebel ignored the question. Instead, she stared right at his face before she said, “You kept yourself in good shape, stud. Nice…hard.”

He forced a grin. “Thank you. You look fabulous too!" He meant it.

“Always!” Jezebel concluded. There was an abrupt mutual laugh. “Well, I've been working out for over a year now. Since the time you threw me off the window, I haven't really felt like going out and being around people, you know. So working out has been the only thing that gives me an excuse to get out of the house at night, without really requiring me to talk to anybody."

“But I didn’t throw you off the--"

"Yes, you did!"

"See, circumstances could no more allow us to--”

“I said you did!" Behind her coyly smile there was hidden emotions.

"Actually you did more than just

“C’mon, Jazzy, are we here to talk about that?”

“Oh, ok. Mr. Faithful Husband. Done.” And with that, she took off her fuchsia suit jacket and threw it on the sofa.

For a moment, Elijah stared at her. He didn’t like what he saw. “You didn’t answer my question...”

“Hum? Which question?” She rolled her eyes deceptively and saw him pointing at the bucket.

She bent over the table and picked the opener.

“Oh, okay! See, I like my boy to be happy," She quipped with a confident smile. "Go ahead, open it.”

He shrugged before he took the opener from her and opened the bottle. He poured in and handled a
glass to her. Seconds later, the two shared a toast.

“To your envious success!”

“Thanks honey. You know, the competition was so high. I’m glad I have won it.”

“You’re extraordinary smart…so relentless. I envy you for that.”

“Oh, don’t hype me, stud. I’m so ordinary…just one lucky woman.” She moved on to the sofa and her
hand gestured for him to come and seat beside me.

He did so. “Tell me, how did you make it happen?”

She summarized that whole tender process to him.

“Wow! You’re a dangerous lobbyist!” Elijah credited her as soon as she was done.

“Well, honey,” Jezebel blushed. “It takes 'some money' to make 'a lot of money.' Isn't it?”

"True that. True." Elijah said in agreement. "So, what's the plan?" He asked, less because he was curious, than because it gave his hopeless-self
something to say, and the wine had soon warmed the company.

"A Plan?" Her hypnotic eyes stared intently at him.

"Mh-huh! How do you plan to celebrate this?"

"Any idea in one of your big heads, stud?" She teased him in return.

"Oh, c'mon! I was just asking.”

"Oh, ok, ok. Just dinner with you, I guess," She said, brushing back a long strand of her naturally-dark dreadlocks, trapping it behind her ear. "Then Ifigured we'd have a drink and just talk a bit. I feel lonely. For over a year I haven’t really been out
much, seriously. I need to open up a bit."

Elijah smelt trouble…a serious trouble. “Oh! But you know, I shouldn’t ever be part of such plan."

“Are you sure?”

“Dead sure.”

“I see...” She conceded, nodding her head. A short silence followed, then she suddenly said, “Let's smoke some pot! I had some tacked in somewhere
here…Wait!" Simultaneously, she moved out and away from the sofa.

"A weed?" Elijah seemed as surprised. "Jezebel, you still on that?"

"Yeah. Not all the times, though." She turned around and stared back at him. Seeing his stunned face, she giggled, "C'mon, I know you do, either. Don’t you?"

“Hell no. I did quit doing that, way back! She won’t even share a bed with me if she smells that shit on

“C’mon, Elijah! Be a man that I know you are.” She taunted him. “Live your life, not your wife’s!”

Wordlessly, his eyes distantly hovered over hers. Unacceptable memories rushed right inside his head. Yes, in a course of their six months infidelity,
the two did share together just about everything imaginable. Theirs was unspoken fantasy-comes-true affair spiced by recipes that could compete for a top place inside hell’s kitchen. But the price that came along with his marital disloyalty caused Elijah a couple of irreparable damages, including death to his innocent 3-years old baby girl, in a car crash.
Such unfolded reality forced Elijah to shut himself out and away from Jezebel for almost two years,until recently when the two bumped at each other coincidentally while commenting on a common
friend’s Facebook wall...that took them to the inbox, one thing led to another, up to this informal "party" meeting in her office. “But I won’t smoke,” He shook his head, watching her strutting nimbly across the room.

“That won’t change.” The mini
skirt was hugging her body and extenuated her tall form and curves. He could see her rear cheeks’ movement as she strode onto her work desk.

Although Jezebel was tall and trim, she had a full ass-set that matched extremely sinfully with her surgical-enhanced breasts.

"Come on, it'll be fun, you know." She responded, teasingly, already working out a roll. “I'll make us a smoke. Pour me some more wine…"

Now back on the sofa, her devious eyes ran all over him. Her palm rubbed across his chin. Sniffing it
back, she complained, “Man, your aftershave makes me feel intoxicated!”

Her plea suddenly awakened him from unknown stupor, "Hum?"

“Uh-huh.” Her voice became wavy.
A couple of drinking and unnecessary updates passed on. Now, halfway on their second bottle, Jezebel declared, "Lord, this is too much, I need
some satisfaction!" She outstretched her hand, offering the joint to him.

Elijah held his breath. This can't be
happening... His inner-self battled. He hadn't smoked that for all that period after he announced the end to his affair with her. It's something he had
vowed to his wife and himself, not to ever do again in this life. Now he was overly tempted at the wrongest timing of all. "No, Jezebel. I told you I

"Don't be an asshole. Take it!" Then the realization hit in with her. "Oh God, I can't believe I just said that. I'm sorry!” She blushed. She was slightly
drunk and high. He could tell by the glazed look in her eyes. Also, that particular wine always had the
effect of making Jezebel completely uninhibited.

But Elijah never imagined she would act that way inside her Five-Star office. Even worse, he could feel
his own hormones starting to bubble. He couldn't keep his eyes off the mighty jiggling pair of boobs
and her lovely, hairy legs. "Shit!" He cursed out and grabbed the joint from her hand and puffed in a long one. It choked him, prompting her to giggle.

"Have you forgotten all the sweet things, darling!

Ndoa ndoana, huh?"

Intimidated, Elijah gulped all the wine left in his glass. He took another large toak of chron.

Seeing his eyes blazing, a contented smile displayed on Jezebel's face. Now I got my bad boy back! She thought.

“Damn, I can't do this!" As if to counter her thoughts, Elijah blurted. He collected himself and stood right in front of her. “I think I have to go.”

“Whuaat?” There was alcohol confidence in her voice. “Just like that?”

“Jazzy, it’s different now. I’m fully dedicated back to Abella." His voice was heavy.

“Oh really?” Asked Jezebel, taking him less seriously. “Okay…” She outstretched her sexy hands towards him, begging, “Okay…Let’s finish
our drink, then I’ll kiss you goodbye. Right?”

He thought for a moment, then his chest heaved in a deep sigh as he moved and seat back on the sofa.

"By the way, how's she doing?" She asked, a moment later.

“Mh?” He was a little lost.

She slapped him lightly, on his lap. "You heard me, stud.”

He stared blankly at her. A mixture of marijuana and too much wine was having an obvious effect on his logical senses.

“Your fat wife! How is she doing? Isn’t she happier-than-ever now that she has taken you completely away from me?”

"Whoa! Whoa! Firstly, my wife isn’t fat, right? She's just a lovely, sexy, pure African woman..."

“Really?" She took another deep drag off the spliff. Exhaling a chunk of white smoke.

"Yeah! And she’s doing pretty well, considering fact that she’s fully recovered now. We both have left
the past behind us. Moved on--"

"Eish! Am I the past you are talking about, Sir?”

"Jezebel, see--" He tried to explain but she cut him short.

"What? Look at you," Her eyes glued on his crotch as she said, huskily. "That's 'hugely' betraying your
words, Sir."

"Oh, c'mon!" The pressure was mounting. “You don’t get it, huh?”

“No, I don’t even want to.” Her voice was druggy, and before Elijah responded, her burning, smoky mouth engulfed his, her smoke hitting his throat.

He grunted. "C’mon Jezebel! Stop it.” He protested helplessly. “Your secretary is just next doors!"


"Five seconds’ walk to--!"

"Shhh! I own this whole building. I own eeeeeveryone who works in here!” She declared, amid her intense kisses. She laughed hysterically,
her voice partly lost in his mouth. “And we've been quicker than that before, huh?"

Forcefully, he extracted himself from her embrace. But his facial and physical expression underneath
him, betrayed him badly. Then they heard a slight knock on the door. They stared at each other. As it

To be continued...


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