Thursday, 26 July 2012


I've been made to believe since my teen years that there's a Mr Right for me. Someone who will waltz into my life and sweep me off my feet. Someone who won't flinch if I fart loudly in public because he is my Mr Right. Someone who would help me build my dreams and also make it a reality. Someone who wouldn't care if I cry like Goldie whenever I miss Big Brother Africa Eviction show on TV. Someone who will totally accept me for who I am.
(Wait a minute! Accept me for who I am???)

I have been living in this castle for (God-knows-how-long) years, waiting for my shining Knight to come set me free. I'm in my mid-twenties and there is still no sign of Mr. Right. (Screaming) Who the hell is he???

Quite a number of men have swam into my life; some I wish I had never dated, some I wish things were different. It seems there is always something holding each of them back from being Mr. Right.

If I could remember vividly what they told me back then, Mt Right was supposed to be someone who is Perfect for me, who don't see my flaws, who will make my bed in the morning while I jam to some P-square or Wizkid hits.
(Wait a minute...let me go through my ex list and see if any one of them had done such for me)

Naaa... None of them (are you sure???)

Yea...damn sure. They all come with their flaws. And with time, even the perfectly hidden ones begin to crawl out of their shell.

It's so damn hard to find Mr Right when young men of nowadays just want to get the booty. And even those who claim to be faithful, should check them out in the closet. They are hypocritical!!! It's either you aint doing this right or what others think you should do right!

(Readers are advised not to take the above outrage personally)

Btw, how do I get to know Mr. Right? Is he gonna come dressed up in a white armour or should I expect just a slob?

Is he gonna have a deep sexy voice or a shrill kinda voice?( I hope not the latter)

Is he gonna be rich and famous or just an ordinary guy you pass by on the street?

Is he gonna be a charmer or just that guy who sits by the corner in a gathering with a creepy smile on his face?

Is he gonna be a good dancer or one who just taps his feet and calls it his customised Azonto?

Is he gonna be a fluent speaker or do I need to shush his mouth each time he tries to speak to save myself from embarrassment?

Is he gonna be a good kisser or someone who laps his tongue all over my face like a dog?

Is he gonna be an American, Spanish, European, Asian or an African?

Is he gonna be the one who will cuddle after a steamy sex or doze off after he climaxes?

Is he gonna be any of these? Is he???

But what if he is not what the movies, books and our parents made us believe he is?

What if he is just that lame boyfriend of yours who you can't imagine hanging out with?

What if he is just an ordinary guy, nothing spectacular or dazzling?

What if he is not supposed to be dressed in all that shiny armour, maybe just some drab second-hand clothes?

What if he is not that PERFECT, maybe just a human being with flaws like you?

What if you are not yet RIGHT to be with Mr. Right?

Whoever Mr Right is, I feel so sorry for him because he sure got tons of work to do. He's sure going to make all my fantasies a reality.

I have so many expectations of Mr Right, I just pray he can handle the pressure cos I'm going to make him work. He has to pay for all the years I have spent waiting for him.
There are so many things I want him to do for me. Like he should be able to give me access to his bank account without hesitation, maybe put me as his first priority in life. In fact, he should make me feel like the only girl in the world (clasped hands dreaming).

While we ladies are busy trying to figure out who Mr. Right is, we should also evaluate ourselves. Are we really ready to meet Mr Right? Is Mr Right seeing us as his damsel in distress or are we just another Cinderella's step-sisters he has to shove out of his way?

Maybe I've met Mr. Right without knowing it. Maybe I've been consumed with my expectations of him and failed to pay heed to his expectations of me. Maybe he is still out there waiting for me to really need him.

Whoever you are Mr. Right, I'm ready to meet clock is ticking and it ain't funny anymore....


  1. A brave heart shuttling words through hearts of d living. A wiser woman weaving life's reality early morning, imagining a perfect troubadour of love on any given day. Spectacularly blunt told in easy prose that marinates our hopes.
    Azuka Jebose
    North Carolina

  2. Good piece but inconclusive which lives room for
    individual action and
    Life is a dream. Many times they never come true.
    Sometimes they do.
    If they do come true, the question is are we ready
    to receive and embrace
    May be, what our parents taught us years ago no
    longer apply to today and
    today's dream world. Yes, it was a dream they
    told us then and probably
    realistic then, but today, those dreams may be
    dreams fit perfectly to yester
    years only.
    New dreams need to be formulated now but I am
    afraid many no longer want to
    dream in reality as a result of again, I will say due
    to: family
    influences, friends' opinions, government rules,
    social networking, and
    interpretations and many other factors.
    The dreams of today are the results our
    Then I will ask:
    What is Mr. Right?
    Who is Mr. Right?
    Is Mr. Right universal and fit all shining Armour?
    Do the dreamers' expectations too high?
    What do dreamers bring to Mr. Right apart from
    so called steaming sex?
    Do dreamers ever wanted and accepted
    responsibility for their own
    Do dreamers ever factored in competitions from
    other dreamers?
    As I see it, dreamer girls or women need to wake
    up and smell the coffee.
    Dreams of meeting the MR. Right is what it is:
    Dream...most of the time.
    And if by any chance, Mr. Right comes along, God
    help us, I hope the
    dreamer is ready to recognize it.
    There is a song in the Hymn book, it goes like
    this: Do not run by me O
    The anecdote is that, you do not sing this song by
    kneeling as to
    be ready when the Lord runs by. Trust me, He
    I rest my case.

    Virginia, USA

  3. Mr Right will not be Mr. Perfect. He will come with flaws, but he will do everything to make you happy. He will be someone thats easy on the eye to you, but he will piss you off from time to time and make you mad, but it will not be anything serious.

  4. We are all inperfect beings, in as much as we nid Mr RIGHT we shuld endeavour to work on ourselves nd stop lliving in FANTASY.

  5. Vay, "While we ladies are busy trying to figure out who Mr. Right is, we should also evaluate ourselves." and "What if he is just an ordinary guy, nothing spectacular or dazzling?" are two lines that typically should downplay or put down to reality all that female expectations of a Mr Right. My experience with women tells me that ALL women that I know, who have been waiting for their Mr Rights (like Jews waiting for their "true" Messiah to be born) failed big time once they fall to the one who feels like fitting their criteria better OR by the famous act of "giving up to the fact" and pick the next man who knocks those marriage doors. The main reason they fail is, they always keep on searching/working out/ molding their Mr Rights, instead of keeping on checking themselves out and improve themselves in all key facets that could in-turn help on building up characters that could attract mostly MEN and not DOGS(I hope I'm being well understood). I'm talking all this coz in my universe, there is NOTHING that exists in the name of MR of MISS RIGHT. N.O.T.H.I.N.G! The only Mr Right for you is the top-most forbidden guy for you to get married to(Your daddy) and if you got a "failure" daddy, then please just get to church and pray (really hard) for Jesus to come down and play Mr Right for you.