Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Heat: Should the groom foot the wedding bills alone or not?

I attended a wedding recently and was quite intrigued by the opulence of the occasion. From the decoration of the reception hall to the slew of gifts shared smelled wealth. The buffet was top class, the attire worn by both couple's family was classy and elegant to the boot. In fact, it was similar to a fairytale wedding.

But one thing got me worried, who paid all the bills? And why spend so much on just a day activity? From the look of things it was obvious the groom footed the bill and not because I overheard someone whispering it but from the way the bride was dancing and showing off arrogance as guests congratulated her while the groom kept wiping off beads of sweat from his forehead.
Just before the end of the ceremony, I approached the bride and deftly asked her how she was able to put such a magnificent wedding together and she smiled and told me that it was all her husband's work. "He wanted to give me an unforgettable wedding experience."
The groom who was nearby didn't really smile. I bet he was calculating all the bills he have to settle after the wedding. Why?

Four days later, I ran into this couple in a bank and they were having a heated argument on how they should settle the bills. The wife adamantly refused to partake in all the expenses. She felt the husband should take care of it. In her words "it was his wedding so he should settle it."
This got me thinking, should the wedding bills be paid by the groom alone? Can't the bride help out? Can't there be a shared responsibility on who will foot what bills at the wedding? And why should one spend so much in a wedding?
What do you think?
Let the heat begin!!!
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  1. The two party need to reach an agreement on how the bills will be paid. To me the best thing don't impress when u don't have work with what u have........

  2. If he can afford to do everything, what's there, he shld foot d bill. But if he can't, I may help.