Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thoughts of a Bohemian: Think Africa

The future of Africa is no longer in any nation's hands. Excuse the cliché. The future of Africa is here and now. Africa doesn't belong to the world. The world belongs to Africa.

Through years of abuse and misuse the continent of Africa has consistently powered and sustained the world's economy. Check the catalogue of natural resources blessed Africa. Sadly this continent has been ravaged by its leaders through corruption, political misfits and unnecessary sectarian, tribal and to some extent,religious and cultural wars. These nomenclatures have polarised the geo-political economy of an enriched and endowed continent with a consumer populace of near one billion.

I am a firm advocate for a better Africa, a free enterprise continent which citizenry must benefit from their God given rich natural resources. To achieve these, the new Africans must be prepared to do what is just and right; part of which must include the execution of all corrupt African leaders and corrupt politicians that have knowingly benefited by misappropriating the wealth of the continent for their sole benefits.

I love the Jerry Rawlings Doctrine. Until then, God Save Africa from Africans.
Azuka Jebose
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