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What's the way to a man's heart? This is the billion dollar question most women ask. What could make him hold me dear in his heart? How can I make him love me like no other? How can I totally win a man's love and trust?

Does the proverbial saying that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach still hold?
Does good food warm a man's heart towards a woman?
An average Nigerian man loves food. Not just any food but good tasty meal that will leave him rubbing his stomach in satisfaction and a big grin plastered on his face.
Coming home to a tasty meal after a stressful day at work would surely make a man appreciate you. For couples, a wife can make her husband stay loyal to her with good tasty meal. This method seem to have worked very well in the past but not sure if it still works presently.
This adage may not necessarily work for those who are still dating, especially if the opportunity to cook for the man never pops up. Does that mean the woman can never find a way to the man's heart?
With the recent shift in women empowerment, a working wife may hardly have time to give her husband a wonderful meal treat. The man may have to end up cooking for himself or resort to restaurant meals.
However, some men don't have big appetite for meals. They may not be tripped by a woman's wonderful skills in the kitchen. They may want more than that. There exist some men who are better cooks than women. It will be very difficult for a woman to please such a man.Thus, the way to a man's heart is not necessarily through the stomach.
This concept has been accepted by modern women who plan to put a leash on their husbands. Good sex seems to be the way to a man's heart. But how true is it? Does good sex automatically give you the keys to his heart?
Sex could be the easiest way to a man's heart but definitely not a guarantee. A man could have a mind-blowing sex with a woman and yet not be INTO her. He may return for another round and the woman may misinterprete this for love.
Sex could connect you to a man but it takes more than just sex to make a man stay with you or open his heart completely to you. Sex isn't bonding for most men, though women think differently.Constant sex with a man could make him burn out. It gets to a point the sex becomes a routine to him. Some wives usually think that lack of sex drives the husband outside. Sure it does but it's not the only reason a man engage in extra-marital affairs. It takes more than sex to make a man open the gates of his heart to him.
For some men, sex may unlock their heart, while to some it may not.
In essence, sex is the easiest way to a man's heart. Give him sex and you may be halfway to his heart but it doesn't guarantee your permanence.
A real beauty captures a man's heart. It makes him feel good and confident inside. It definitely boost his ego. Being the centre of attraction in a gathering will definitely make him feel good. He might be compelled to worship you. The first thing that attracts a man's eye is beauty. Beauty in this context is limited to physical appearance. The first thing a man sees in a woman at first glance is her physical appearance before any other thing. While some may be attracted to strikingly-beautiful women, others may be attracted to ordinarily-looking women. Just like the saying goes, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."
The beauty of a woman fades with time and if it is not accompanied with good character, then the beauty is as good as nothing. If the beautiful smiles and looks cannot win his heart over, then the woman would have to look for another way to get to a man's heart. Beauty without brains is like an empty Egyptian vessel. It takes more than beauty to make a man welcome you fully into his heart. Therefore, a woman should not only be beautiful outside but also thrive to bring her beauty from within.
Nothing trips a man than a woman who is intellectually gifted. Someone he can share brilliant ideas with and can profer solutions to life problems. It makes him proud. He will gladly feel challenged and would show her around to his friends. Intelligence could attract a man to a woman like a magnetic force. It will make him appreciate her and uphold her in public and among his friends. He willingly identifies with her in public.
But...if she lacks skills in bed or in the kitchen, her intelligence may not be highly appreciated. If she focuses more on her career and care less abbout his emotions, it will definitely make a man withdraw from her. Men are emotional beings, more complex than females. It takes more than the brains to get a man to render his total heart to you. The brains must not be for work alone, she should apply it in all aspects of her life and use it wisely to get the man's attention totally to herself.
This is the number one virtue a man looks out in a woman. A woman with good character will not only win a man's heart but also the hearts of those around him. Just like the bible stated, a virtuous woman is a merchandise to her husband. Her good character will open doors for her husband. Decency,respectful, caring among others is what makes a woman beautiful in the eyes of a man.
However, some men care less about your character as long as you meet up with their demands either in bed or through the stomach. Though they are few in number.
Men love women who are independent both financially and otherwise. They love a woman who can cater for her needs without the help of a man. A woman who can speak for herself and can assist in responsibilities. This could be seen as a welcoming challenge to a man and often times, it makes a man less caring.
Naturally, a man should provide for the woman's needs while the woman is to care for her husband. Some men may however feel intimidated by such women, while some men may see it as a means of manipulation by caring less for the woman.
A woman might believe that her ability to cater for herself and not burden the man with her problems will make the man appreciate and respect her more. This may seem to work for a while but it is the least way to get into a man's heart.
It actually spoils the man and make him take the lady for granted.
Despite all suggestions, the way to a man's heart cannot be sum up to two or three factors. It solely depends on the personality of the man. Different things appeal to different men. Some could be food, some could be sex or intelligence. The most important thing a woman should endeavour to do is to understand her man. Once she is able to do this, she will definitely find the way to his heart.
She should also take note that she has to mix the right rudiments to keep her man attracted to her always. Simply because he fell for your beauty doesn't mean you should focus on the beauty and ignore other virtues. This could result to complacency on the woman's part, thus when the man strays, she becomes befuddled.
Study your man always. What may have appealed to him in the first place might change within a period of time as men crave for variety more often.
If you notice a change in his taste, do not hesitate to adjust and meet up with his trend. That is, if you are keen on unlocking his heart.
Nevertheless, food and sex still top the list. Many men are still appealed to women through food and sex.

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  1. Good article. Well thought out. But again, as you indicated, love will forever be revolving. No one has perfect answers for it.
    And again, as suggested in the past, you need to place pictures that will relate to the people you write about in your article. I hope one day, black people would be proud of themselves....white people do not have priority claims over what is great, except[pt that black folk by their own making, ignorance, culture and all other things possible make themselves second hand creation...what a pity indeed.

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