Sunday, 5 August 2012

SUNDAY READ: The Wrath of Jezebel by Amos Bwire

And the ink keeps flowing... Enjoy!!!
She couldn’t handle it anymore.
She was trembling, so confused that she thought
she could go nuts. The river of tears trailed down
her tender cheeks. Her heart swelled with grief and
rage. Her tongue twisted, foreign melodies tore
through her burning throat. Luckily, at that hour of
the day, traffic was so high that she didn’t have to
take much precaution while driving. Otherwise, she
would have been forced to pull off her car aside.
The phone call she had received from her husband,
the relief she had felt while talking to him over the
phone, off a bad day in the office…plus his
legitimate promises to her, all turned into a
disastrous evening. How dare he talk to me that
way while he’s on bed with another woman? How
dare he? Abella thought, now in a pool of tears,
weeping in sheer grief.
What infuriated her most was the way their
conversation ended. It seemed like someone
interfered that call from Elijah’s side, and took the
phone away from him while still in conversation
with Abella. And soon Abella heard a female voice,
“Let’s get down to business…” and all of a sudden
her husband’s confident voice was thrown
completely off the line. At first she didn’t recognize
the voice, until when she heard Elijah mentioning
the name. She got crushed.
She recalled Jezebel as saying, “Remember the
things we did, huh? Remember? Things nobody
knows about you, but only me...Our little sweet
Secrets…? That was a stab in Abella’s heart. “What
secrets?" Irritated, she whispered at herself. "Oh
Lord!” But that wasn’t as devastating as when she
heard Jezebel urging Elijah to take her from the
other side, a clear indication that it wasn’t a new
act to the two illicit lovers. “Take it. I know you
missed it, baby…you always do…!” Abella choked.
Never had she thought that her husband of six
years could be capable of doing that. The cell-
phone slipped off her hand, onto her lap as her
heart sunk. She exhaled heavily, “Humph!” Her
head fell over the wheel. “Oh, Elijah, how many
skeletons are you hiding in your stinking closet?”
She mumbled in frustration.
Wasn't it for the honking from behind her, she'd
have stuck at Ubalozi traffic lights for ages.
Totally lost, Abella gassed forth and drove the car
like a driver under-influence. The situation rightfully
confused her. The whole world was like crumbling
down on her. Overwhelmed, she knew she had to
talk to someone. But to whom..?
Two months ago, when she settled her matters
with Elijah and agreed to get back to him, almost
everyone around her was against the idea. Even
her parents and close friends. They insisted for her
to take more time alone, before considering getting
back to him. But she ignored them and got back to
Elijah. I'm not going to tell them about this, again.
Oh lord!
Driving across Shoppers Plaza, she dialed Lucinda.
Her enigmatic friend and business partner,
Lucinda, was the only person who had never been
negative, like the rest, in her decision. She seemed
to be less and less concerned about Abella's marital
life. But also, apart from being her closest friend
and a business associate, Abella considered
Lucinda as a very discreet and matured woman.
“Hello, Lucy!”
“Hello partner! What’s new?”
“Are you at home?” She knew Lucinda was a real
party-fanatic. On Fridays like that she’d always get
back home shortly, change accessories then jet out
to parties, till late hours.
“Yes, sure! But I’m about to get out.”
“Oh really..?”
“You wanted to come, partner?”
“Oh, no, partner. Just go ahead. I’ll check with you
“No no nooo! I’m not in so much hurry,” Said
Lucinda. “You want to come, just come. I’ll be
waiting for you.”
“Is it Ok, Partner?”
“Perfecto!” Replied a normally-composed Lucinda.
“Oh, on my way then... five minutes!"

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  1. Abella has just joined reality in the life of a woman.
    She is in today's world and so it will be forever.
    Take care of yourself Abella and wish you Gods speed.