Friday, 10 August 2012

FRIDAY HEAT: Who is more faithful in relationships; a young guy or an old guy?

I know some people say age is nothing but a number and maturity got nothing to do with age but I couldn't help but wonder if same can be said about infidelity in relationships. Who is more faithful in relationships? A young guy or an old guy?

Is it possible to have a faithful relationship with a young guy between the ages of 25-35 or an old guy who is between the age of 45-55?

Do ladies feel more secure with a young fresh dude who is ready to explore life and take advantage of every opportunity it offers or the advanced guy who may have experienced it all and would want to take things on a slow pace?

Are young dudes more promiscuous than older ones?

What's your take on this?
Let the heat begin!!!


  1. I think the young dudes of this generation have a lot of issues especially with the crazy wave of world social networking. Most of them can't define the term "relationship"...all they know and crave to have is sex or friends with benefits kind of thing.

  2. Love should have no age or absolute definition of who to love, how to love, when to love...but we do... faithfulness has no formula...or age or any other limitations by human norms. What we all need is a change of mind set and reevaluation oneself, principles of relationship....and maybe, just maybe, we can find solution to true love. Otherwise, we are fighting a losing battle or discussing issues that we are too timid, ignorant , naive, and traditionally directed to deal with.

  3. A YOUNG GUY(25-35) That's the only period of time a man bothers much about Loving and being loved.