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"What has homosexuality done that is worse than the evils facing the continent today and beyond"...says author of Family affairs, IMAFI

Family affairs is an erotica written by IMAFI, the publisher of  "Africa and Beyond" magazine,
 in which he has published several non-fiction articles. He is an indigene of Edo state but live in the States.
 His penchant  for writing led him to write this amazing story about homosexuality with a twist of religion.

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IMAFI, in his book, delicately expressed the need for humans to embrace individualism in order to make the society habitable and free from social problems.He creatively highlights some of the problems faced in our modern family such as acceptance of one's sexuality despite one's religious and cultural beliefs.

The novel which plot was based on the main character, Reverend Shackles, tells a story about a devoted father and Reverend who believed his family was the typical family for his congregation to emulate, until he found out that his teenage daughter was a lesbian.

With gripping themes that surrounds the family and religious beliefs and value systems in the society, such as betrayal, unwanted pregnancy, rape,  suicide, as well as the use of sultry and witty language,  Family affairs promises to be a thought evoking and an emotional literary saga.

In an online chat with me, IMAFI shared his inspiration that led him to embark on such literary voyage. Enjoy!

What inspired you to write this book?


I want to share my thoughts on the intolerance of all children of God against each other when there are many more problems facing mankind on a daily basis.

Is the story a reflection of your personal belief in homosexuality and religion?


No. I believe we are all God's children and I also believe in the rights of individual to live their lives as they see fit. Again, religion should not discriminate but embrace all mankind.

How long have you been living in the States?


36 years

Based on your long stay in the States, what is the acceptance level of homosexuality by the church?


In public, not accepted or openly supported. Some are more understanding
but in general it's still a taboo. To some extent, its generally acceptable.

You focus more on the lesbians in your book, are you among those who think lesbians are cool but gay is a no no?


At times, homosexuality refers to both gays and lesbians. I had simply focused on lesbianism to make my point about love, tolerance, understanding, and togetherness. 

Some psychologists refer homosexuality as an abnormal behaviour while religious bulwarks especially the Christians see homosexuality as an abomination in sight of God, do you agree with them?


 No . I do not agree. Even Plato and Aristotle and many of their associates were wrong in their analysis of human behaviour. In the end, who are we to pass judgment on others? I think the Bible addressed that aspect of judge not...

As an African man, do you think homosexuality is a dent to our culture and religion?


The question is "What culture?" How do we value the importance of culture? "Do we have all the facts that homosexuality was not or has not been part of  our culture? Are we talking about the ones we know and many we may not know amongst us?My point is that culture or no culture, its time we respect individualism because so far, in my opinion, our society has not solve the ever mounting problems facing mankind.
 In recent past, we saw pastors engaging in homosexuality while they publicly condemned it. Hypocrites.

Looking at the way Africans in the diaspora are against homosexuality and the kind of punishment meted out to people with such sexual trait, what's your opinion on that?


I think these leaders should try to solve more urgent problems facing the continent. What had homosexuality done that are worse than the evils facing the continent today and beyond?
 They should solve the problems of infant mortality, corruption, poverty, education, poor standard of living, citizen abuse, development, religious conflicts...and you name it 

Like you mentioned in your book, the positive side of homosexuality, what are the steps you think can be taken to sensitize  those who are against LGBT in Africa?


Through education, love and understanding. Allowing individualism will go a long way too. We need to love one another starting from families, to those powerless to help  themselves. In the world, there are many homosexuals who are productive just as anyone else.

In your book, you were agitating for "freedom for all" the popular US President political campaign slogan, do you think the same should be applied in the African community?


Yes. It's time we move with the rest of the world. Its amazing that the same leaders rush to go abroad with their children, wife, and girlfriends, and yet criticise the same country for their progressive ideas. African leaders need to make a clear choice and stop using valuable time to publicise issues inconsequential to the society at large.

What is your own stance in homosexuality based on your religious background?


I am indifferent. I respect individualism provided they do not abuse others based on their preferences. They are all God's children just as we, the so called "Normal" are children of God.

With such a controversial book like this, what are your expectations from the audience and critics as well?


I hope they would open their minds and soul and make it a subject of discussion for mankind to accommodate, understand, and love....I ask for nothing more.

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