Monday, 19 March 2012

Dirty diary of a Lagos Chic

Goodbye to innocence
Hi, welcome to my world of men and sex. My parents call me Chinwendu but for ajebo sake you can call me Wendy.
I love men, they intrigue me a lot. Not because they are hot or got what a woman needs to complement her, but just for the fun of sex. They are the best specimen to explore the erotic world. I know most ladies love men for their fame, wealth or their vanity but I just love men for sex. In fact when I see a man I’m attracted to, I will undress him and measure up the size of his penis mentally. He becomes a new adventure to explore.
 I know you are sighing or shaking your head and calling me ashewo but the truth is that I’m not one (hmmm…talk true oh!).  The men I sleep with don't pay me; it’s just for sexual gratification. Let's just say I’m a bit liberal and adventurous. I'm so intrigued by sex to the extent I have had countless mental orgies with the likes of Ramsey Nouah, Majid Michel, John Dumelo and others (when will I get them in my bed sef). Call me weird if you must.
Anyway, I didn’t just jump out of my mum's womb and turn into this Aphrodite. No, I was once a good girl, a very good girl that was deflowered by a good boy. During my teen years, saying the word 'sex' or discussing it within an adult’s earshot will earn you a big slap. It was such a taboo to talk about it unlike now when teenagers (even pre-teen) can talk about sex freely.
In fact, you dare not think about it in front of your parents because they might read your mind. Back then, we avoid watching romantic movies with our parents for fear of being banned from watching TV for the rest of the year. If accidentally, a kissing scene pops up while watching Moonlighting... (Oh boy, you are on your own) check out the immediate excuses or darting glances from your parents. If you want to watch romantic movie then, you have to wait till you are all alone at home or when everyone has gone to bed, then quietly sneak into the sitting room to watch it. But nowadays, internet has made sex easily accessible. Sex is just so ordinary with the new generation (hmmm….feeling old already???).
Ok, I get it, people of my generation may be naive in terms of sexual orientation but we were more disciplined and virginity was a very high virtue. A man need not look far to find a virgin but presently, finding a virgin is like finding a needle in a haystack (who cares about virgins???). There were very few girls back then who were brave enough to explore sex and they were so proud of it. They make the good girls wish they could have sex too but when they remember the ancient mum stern lecture on sex (mimicking my mum’s voice); "if any man touch you, you will get pregnant and destroy your destiny", they will resolve to reading Ikebe Super and Hints to get a peek into the sexual world.
Despite all my good upbringing, I lost my virginity at the age of 16 (Yeeee!) to a 22 year old Corper who was serving in my secondary school back then. Every 'bad girl' (including me) in my school back then had their eyes on him but it was rumored that he was the shy type. I knew he was way out of my league but I never stopped hoping. He usually taught us math which is one of my best. (Say the truth; you liked the subject because you like him). Yeah yeah, that's true but at least I already had interest in the subject before he came into the scene.
I was always punctual in his class, answered questions and was always among the first to submit assignments which was why he was baffled when I came late to his class on this fateful Friday morning, soaked in rain without my assignment. I had never liked geometry, had planned to come earlier to copy the assignment from my friends but the heavy downpour that morning ruined my plans. As a young girl, I was quite aware of my sexuality. With my average height, pretty face and heavily endowed chest and buttocks (who ask u?); I could still make a man drip in his pants.
With my uniform soaked and glued to my chest, my breasts were like ripe apples begging to be touched. This was what caught my teacher's eye. As I stood there explaining my lateness to him, his eyes were glued to my nipples which was very visible in my cotton white shirt because I had no bra on. One of the bad girls cleared her throat and that brought him out of his reverie.
By the end of the day, he had offered to give me after class lessons to help me with my geometry. It was during one of these classes that he explored my tunnel of passion. Meanwhile, he's been taking some liberties such as 'mistakenly' brushing his hand on my breast or stroking my upper arm with soft caresses. This I enjoyed and prayed fervently for the day he will go beyond the casual mistakes. My prayers were finally answered on this fateful Wednesday afternoon.
 One minute he was teaching me, the other minute, his lips were on me like hot coals. I literally burnt under his touch. His hands seems to be everywhere but not doing anything. He will touch my chest, and then withdrew his hand when it made contact with my bra. He will work his way up to my thigh, on touching my panties, he will withdraw. The only thing he was good at was just the kissing. And I wanted more...
As a sharp girl, I stood up and opened the buttons of my shirt. The school was eerily quiet by now. Only the sound of our heartbeats could be heard and the short interlude of the breeze. He gawked at my breasts as the cool afternoon breeze puckered my nipples. Then, he turned away from me, holding his head in his hand.  Ok… what is wrong with him? I hope he didn’t intend to leave me hanging this way. I knew I had to act fast because if I don't, I might lose the moment.
So I drew nearer and thrust my breast to his chest, he gasped. That's better I thought and courageously took his hand and place it on my chest. The bulge in his jeans seems to increase every second. He gingerly started stroking my nipples. I threw my head back as sweet sensations spread through my nerve endings. I was lost in this new feeling and I wanted to explore it all.
I don't know what did the trick but suddenly, he was ravenously touching me, searing hot kisses on my lips, neck, and when finally he captured my nipples, I saw stars. I started to moan but he clasped my mouth. I wanted to touch him too so I opened his shirt to reveal a hairy but not too muscled chest. I stroke his hair and played with his nipple. Each time I flicked my tongue on his nipple, he moans. That excites me and makes me feel in control. So I urged on, stroking and teasing his nipples with my tongue or fingers. I didn't last long because the next thing I knew he shoved me away, quickly shut the classroom doors and windows then returned to lay me on his table, shoving the books to the floor.
He undid his zipper and I saw the ‘matured’ phallus for the first time.  His was short and fat despite his tall frame. All sorts of foreplay ended as he tried to gain entrance to my tunnel. By now, he was panting and perspiring heavily, he kept asking me to show him the way which I certainly have no idea about. His first thrust rang my mother's words into my head. The second thrust made me remember that I have no lie to tell to cover up my lateness back home. The third thrust which made me yell, brought him to climax.
That was it? I asked myself as I watched him roll out tissue to clean himself up. I sat up and watched the gory sight of blood and sperm trickling down my thighs. There was traffic of questions in my head as I tried to recollect myself. Was this sex? Was it the entire rave about sex? Where are all d spark lights and firelights I was supposed to see? I turned angrily to my teacher and told him he better show me he is man enough. I thought he will decline but he had this wicked smile that says he is all game. This time around, he lasted for five minutes, and then he kissed me and told me that I just took his pride away from him. He dressed up and left without a goodbye.
That was the last I saw of him for he left the following morning.  The rumour was that he had applied for transfer to teach in another community for some personal reasons.  I was hurt, deeply hurt especially when all the bad girls kept teasing me that I made him leave because I was a good girl. They told me that a good girl should never sleep with a good boy because they can never learn or enjoy the real pleasures of sex. Is that true diary?


  1. Nice story overall, got me going in my office seat. Question, why did he leave? Was d pussy dat bad? lol
    Tony, Lagos.

  2. Great story line but I am sure every young girl or
    boy went thru that the
    first time for love they think they have or just to
    overcome their
    curiosity. I enjoyed reading it

    Wright, Virginia, USA

  3. Very good vivid description which made it
    believable....I wonder why he did
    not take her to his house...may be he had
    someone else....why did he
    leave the following morning? Was it preplanned
    to wait until then to have

    Wright, Virginia, USA

  4. Was that why she loved sex now? Or just want to
    have sex without love any
    more? Was she in love with him?

    Wright, Virginia, USA

  5. Nice piece, has that real story feel,...

    then the corper resigning however...hmmmm ( dint know they could do that...

    Nice story Miss Vay,

  6. @Daniel, no they don't do that, guess I was carried away, edited it. thanks for the observation.
    @Tony, why don't you wait to find out yourself? lol!
    @wright, wow... slow down. this is a new series and im sure you will find all your answers in the subsequent episodes.

  7. great story. I enjoyed it and would look forward to the subsequent ones.

    I'll leave a message your the post in DGG.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks Chris...and yeah, I saw ur message on my post on DGG. You can check out the subsequent ones here: "Casanovas are better lovers" under this label.