Monday, 28 May 2012

Are first love really hard to die????

When the popular Nigerian pop music star, 2face Idibia proposed to his long time girlfriend, the Nollywood actress, Annie Macaulay on Valentine’s day, it aroused mixed feelings from the public as the two has been known to be in an on and off kind of relationship, especially with the notoriety that accompanies 2face's love life. We all know how devastated Annie was when she learnt about her hubby’s libertine nature when they were still dating back in the days but she really didn’t give a damn as the two tied knots on the first week of this month. This came on the heels of one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi delivery of the 6th child of the pop crooner. So why didn't he pop the question to her since he obviously went for round 2? Is it a matter of first love to Annie or what? Why Annie of all the women he has dated?

With his kind of lifestyle, 2face can have any woman of his choice because he got everything a woman needs apart from his poor eloquence in English language. But that didn't deter women to flock around him, not just any woman but classy chics.

I'm still trying to understand why Annie could just accept to marry him knowing his full history of women. Does she trust him that much? Is it a devotion of first love or she just wants to be in the limelight? (We all know women could be crazy at times).

And I’m sure she is still reveling in her glory as the winner of the marital contest between her and other women who had tried to get hitched with the raving pop star.(Annie smiley face: ”I told ya, he is mine”)

Personal thoughts: The popular saying “true love never dies” in my own field of thoughts is long overrated. To some, this expression still means a whole lot to them. This could be true if what you shared with your first love was phenomenal, or maybe the tricks of your first kiss was too magical to forget, or the innocence of that first pure love. If you had any of these, then no doubt, you will always long for your first love. But if the reverse is the case and you were abused emotionally or disrespected, then that expression would be found in the thrash can (I’m speaking for myself oh cos Annie didn’t care about 2face promiscuity)

Trust me, I can’t even imagine me and my first love together… ok, you can tell I’m lying right now because I still do carry a torch for my first love.(I hope he doesn’t read this and my boyfriend shouldn’t take this personal). It’s crazy I know but we all fall victims to this. My first love and 2face share the same professional qualifications in promiscuity. Blame their heart wrenching handsome looks. I always fall for the ladies man; think cupid has a hand in it. But experience had taught me that they are the most troubled among the species of men because of their high demand in the women’s market. And this always makes them more confused and more promiscuous.
Nevertheless, if my first love should walk up to me and ask for my hand in marriage I will say no, because I know he will always stray. Well, all men stray at one point or the other. I may have fallen for his good looks and all that back then but I don’t think that will work for me now. Why you may ask? Because of time and experience.

Time has healed the pain I felt when I found out I wasn’t the only lady in his life. Seriously, no woman want to be the second best even if when they know that there are other women in the picture (obviously, 2face's baby mamas didn’t give a damn).

Thank God I walked away because I have been opportuned to meet better people.
You know the tricky thing about first love is that when they are breaking up with you, you feel you would be helpless without them, you feel your world is going to crumble and life ain’t nothing anymore. And all that is true because it’s hard to let go of that special someone who made you feel like you are the best thing that ever happened in their lives (or you were deceiving yourself that you were). First loves are great but when they become assholes, you just have to let go and move on because there is no law that says you must end up with them.
Moving on gives you the experience to make a better decision in your relationships. Though, it is a wrong thing to do if you keep comparing any new date to your first love or passing quick judgments based on your experience with your first love. What I mean here is that your ability to move on gives you the opportunity to experience something new and probably better. It helps you grow emotionally too and you never can tell, you may be the one to call it quits when you feel you are going through the same phase again. Just be wise about it though.

But if you want to end up like Annie who is blooming in her marital bliss, then have a sticker that reads "first love never dies; I still love you Amy" on your chest. I'm sure they will get the message.
I'm crossing my fingers on the duration of their marriage. Won't be surprised if I hear another baby crying "daddy 2face" very soon and definitely not from his wife.


  1. Great analysis. It has become part of life. Love has no reality anymore. Women are cinderela seekers and men are white knights living to cater to the needs of women. Both sides are equally guilty. It was like that from the beginning of life existence so will it be to the end of life. God help us all

    Virginia, USA

  2. Well, they never die, though it's hard for some to confess that truth...