Friday, 1 April 2011


It's very easy to fall in love, so easy like a ball sliding down a smooth cliff. Of course you have fallen for him/her, especially when he/she passes every item on your checklist; sexy accent, good sense of humour, impeccable fashion sense, very gallant, travels to exotic places, intelligent, etc.
All these are visible signs that can make your belly perform a ballet dance and your head spin with butterflies. You can't stop screaming that you have fallen in love. You call up your friends, loved ones, family members, and even send a message to your enemy that you have fallen in love!
It's a new and exciting feeling, very thrilling, sentimental, so so so heavenly. You won't stop daydreaming about him/her. And when you are with him/ her, you never want to let go.
You blabber all day about him/her at home, in the office, at school, Facebook, Twitter, My space, you just can't shake the feeling off and you want everyone to be happy for you<and also jealous>

You can fall in love without being in love.
Falling in love is more physical and emotionally attached to someone.
The true test of love is when you go the extra mile. It goes beyond your checklist. It's no longer all about you being loved and cared for but you reciprocating that love with no holds barred.
You are now the lover, the giver, the one who has to sacrifice it all.
Being in love makes you human. It shows that you are indeed a product of love. It takes the flaws of that special one and mould it to perfection. You are not just afte you want but what he/she wants.

While the general saying in a relationship is "one has to give and the other receives" roles are easily changed.
Just like our parents took care of us while we are little, and we take care of them when they are old, so also in relationships. There comes a time when the giver becomes the receiver and d receiver the giver. In essence, each individual gives and receives in relationships.
Falling in love without being in love makes relationship break up before it even started because our main focus is on the fantasies and feelings that are never dependable. Feelings are like our wardrobes. There are times we love the clothes and accessories there and other times, we just want a complete makeover.
The same applies to falling in love. You just can't handle it anymore because you didn't check it out well from the beginning.
So how do I know I'm not just falling in love but in love, you ask?
There is basically no golden rule to it but there are some applicable tips that can guide you.
To be continued...
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  1. You can fall in love with the fact of being in love..lots of people are just addicted to the idea of falling in love,instead of being actually in love,and it always backfires sooner than later when the illusion fades away...

    Cucubana,from GH