Monday, 4 April 2011

DON'T FALL IN LOVE!!! Continued...
When you are in love with someone, it goes beyond the feelings. It's more than the butterflies dance in your stomach, the blushing of your cheeks when they are near you, the the mushy and sappy feelings you get when you are with them. It deals more with your DECISION.
Love is experienced through feelings but the true test of love is in your will to make those feelings last by accepting your loved one the way they are. You are not disgusted at their imperfections or irritating habits, rather it makes you smile. In fact, you don't mind the way they are because you love them that way.
Naturally, when two individuals meet for the first time, they try to make the other person fall for them by giving first impressions. Unfortunately, these impressions end up being false because there comes a time when you can't keep up with the niceties anymore.
At this stage, one can easily walk out of the relationship. This indicates that you were just infatuated by the notion of falling in love.
Being in love makes you overlook this shortcomings, rather you are glad you can see him/her from another perspective. You are willing to learn more about him or her.
He/she need not to meet up with your checklist, you just love them the way they are. You are not ashamed to introduce them to your friends and families. You openly show them affection in public. You love him/her for his imperfections.

Being in love makes you selfless, giving, sacrificial, and very very caring. You want to give in your best in the relationship. Y
You find yourself desperate to make your partner happy. You want to share their joy, pain, laughter, absolutely everything with him/her. You are willing to give your all to make them loved and happy. They come first before anything else in your life.
You can cancel your doctor appointment just to go to the mall to pick a delivery for him/ her.
You find yourself loopy and no matter how hard you try, you just can't describe the way you feel.

When you are in love with someone, you feel fulfilled. It's like you are revamping each new day and he/she is the reason.
It's like he/she wants the best for you and you are willing to change. It's like all your dreams and goals are achieved because you are with that special one.
You are extremely happy, joyous, energetic, inspired... You feel you can face the world because you know you got him/her by your side.

With love, you can never have enough. Each moment spent is like a new day. No dull moment! You can never get bored with that special one.
There is always something to talk about, places to go to, new ideas to explore, and of course new ways to make this love last.
You can never be tired of running into him in the mall, park, school, office, restaurant, salon, laundromat...
You are never tired of hearing his/her voice on the phone. For all you care, you don't mind the telephone bills, you can be on phone with him/her forever.
You are not even interested in anyone's company except him/her. In their company, you are real, complete, you are simply yourself.

Lastly, you know you are in love when you can forgive that loved one when they hurt you. Not just forgive but also forget their mistakes.
Relationships are never smooth rides, you are bound to encounter bumps and gallops on your way. In times of conflict, you are willing to resolve and improve on your faults. You don't allow pride to get in the way. You want to make up immediately and throw your differences out of the window.
And even when they walk away, you still look out for their best interest because true love never fade away.
Love is more than how you feel about someone, it's more than illusions. It's simply indescribable, just a strong conviction that you can't shake off.

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  1. "It takes a second to say I love you, but a whole lifetime to show it."

    "Love is like the air we breathe.It may not always be seen,but it is always felt,used and needed."

    But above all,

    "Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes be...just illusion"

    Nyce piece Onyi...keep it up