Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Women are always thrilled by confident men. They love it when a man exudes confidence in whatever he is doing, be it in his appearance, speech or attitude.

  However, a woman can tell when a man is being outwardly arrogant, especially through his  approach. Such attitude is perceived as inferiority complex by the women. When a man act too arrogant or braggish, then the woman suspects he is trying to hide an inadequacy, usually in his sex life.

    Men are egotistical beings. They pride themselves in everything. From their personality to their career, their relationship, family and even sex.

  A man's pride gives  him confidence, it makes him feel complete and real.
You can always tell a man's pride by the way he dresses, speaks,acts  and even eats.
  However, a man's pride may not usually be based on his achievement in life. Sometimes, it is a cover up of his shortcomings. No man wants to feel inferior in the sight of his fellow beings, even if it means lying through his teeth, he just has to keep his head high.

  Such men are outwardly arrogant at first glance. They appear so formidable that they generate so much fear when approached.

  It is often said that a man's pride is measured by his penis. If this is so, why are men with smaller penis more egotistical than those with longer penis or even average?

  Most men have what is called the "small penis syndrome" . This is caused when men perceive that they have smaller penises and are inadequate  in pleasuring a woman in bed.

  Most times, such fear stems  from comparing the penis with others(like they do in the locker rooms) or from watching porn and gawking at those monstrous penis.

  The average penis size of a man is between 14 and 16 centimeters(5.5 and 6.3 inches) long in its erect state and has a circumference of 12 to 13 centimeters (4.7 to 5.1 inches)

  A penis can only be called "micro" when it is shorter than 7 centimeters (2.75 inches) in its erect state.

  Men with such cases usually shy away from sex. They are often occupied with the disparaging glances they might get from their partners in the bedroom.

  Women are often said to size how big a man's  penis is from his  height, weight, waist line, among others. Arrogance is another way of measuring a man's penis. Most men with smaller penis exhibit arrogance in the bedroom and often times, like making out with the lights turned off or in dark places.

  When it's time to perform the action, the fear creeps in. While some may decide to stay mute, others will prefer to ask questions like: "do you like it?" " Is it big enough for you?" ...

  In some extreme cases, the psychological effect of this syndrome can make the penis flaccid which aggravate the situation for the man. Such men often try to enlarge their penis by taking pills or going for surgical operation just to feel real.

  The irony of this is that the big penis is not the ideal for most women. Most women are not worried about the size but the performance of the man in bed. Women enjoy men who know how to bring them to orgasm. Not just once, but multiple orgasms. In fact, having a big penis penetrate into the vagina could be a painful experience for the woman. Sometimes big penis could be scary for a woman and she may not want to indulge in any sexual intercourse with the man. 

  An average woman is only aware of the size of the penis when it is in its erect state. In its flaccid state, women hardly take note of the size of the penis because they are not useful then. But when it's action time, they consciously or unconsciously take note of the size of the penis to whisper to girlfriends  during lunchtime or in the salon.

    However, what a woman is really interested in is how good the penis can swim in her ocean. Can it satisfy her? Can it take her to the point of no retuen? Can it make her scream her lungs out? Women are also irritated when a man keeps emphasizing on the size of the penis. This is why most women see guys with big penis as jerks. They hate the way they blabber about the monstrosity of the penis.
   Each penis, irrespective of its size, can satisfy a woman if and only if the owner knows how to make maximise its use.

  The size doesn't matter, but the performance matters. So stop getting all anxious over nothing  and learn how to make your woman climax in an unforgettable way.


  1. Bravo girl, bravo...this sure is a breaker. Many of these issues are the No-Go and Taboo areas of our social lives here in Africa. And I'm sure with time people, or guys will get to learn...good job

  2. This is something... for all the men who r permanently into inferiority complex about their penises... i think they r so much stupid... if one knows.. how to make love ... n bring a woman to orgasm... thats the real man...n it is aall myth... that big ones... r most satisfying.. most of my friends.. never ever talk about penises.. but they talk about performance.. n there r various ways to bring about orgasm... penetrative sex is wonderful...but foreplay n oral sex i also gud... the thing is that the way u hold on.. n n take it to the optimum point.. is the real performance... where u r in rhythm with each other.. n the world goes for a toss..the average size is always rated gud ...better n the best... lovemaking is an art.. so.. the men who r too cockish.. e really bad performers... n all the bad behaviour comes from the minus thing in them... so... in a way they try to hide the main act... which they cant... so.. men come to senses.. n become sensex...

  3. WOW! Vay, as blunt as this drop may sound to some, it's as thick and so well thought as few I've ever came across. Actually this is one of very few articles that had a breath and spirit of God Himself in them! Well, men(and women, of course) need to be reading as many articles of this kind as possible. They're mind openers if not blowing! It's 21st century, truth has to burst outta us and flow like rivers.
    One thing though, Vay, if you get out there and pick up 100 educated and honest women, like you, and ask them "If you ever happen to come across two men with everything else practically equal and same(looks, skills, income, talent, you name it...)but one has a 9inch penis while the other has a 7inch one...whom would you pick as your lifetime partner..?"
    My feeling and a little experience tells me 98% of those women would have picked the one with a 9inch penis!
    I think the issue didn't just start with men. parse...but somehow with women around them. I've heard a good number of women who actually talk negatively of their men's little penises. But only few would talk negatively about bigger penises...unless they're really donkeys!
    I think the way women eyes treat men with little penis is the same way as the way men' minds treat women with wider vaginas. LOL!

  4. Well, if my GF was like you, my life would be much better. As someone who's penis being called smaller compared to her ex-BF by, it really hurt so much. Nothing good she ever do or said after that will bring back my pride.
    Woman do compared men and their penis. Maybe as much as men compared women and their bust size...
    And life goes on.