Sunday, 25 September 2011


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            INEBRIATED  LOVE

Tonight he whispered in my ears
I could hear the crickets  chirping noisily
Anticipating the rhythm of the night

Tracing the moonlight curves
He lay me down in the meadow
Soaking my heart with a pool of desire

The stars begin to twinkle
As  each caress bring me closer to the horizon
With a swift embrace, I became lost in the wind

Together we dined and wined
Pulsating with each movement of the clouds
Filling the night with more wine

Gingerly we soared like an eagle
Sated in the fountain of desire
We reveled in the chantings of the night

Lost in the abyss, we lost our sanity
Mocked by the hills and valleys
Shamelessly displaying the untamed souls

In our stupor we discovered another new rhythm
Flowing with the melody of the East wind Baring the night of its darkness

Dance,  we danced
Ride, we rode all night
Till we emptied this vessel of yearning

Of love and lust
Of desire and passion
Of want and need

Oh dawn, why break so early
Knowing the night will never cease to hide
In the shadows of our memory

By Vanessa Sylver ©

A poem with concise appreciation and review by George Nyarvor, a media personnel with  Media Lynx Communiaction Group Limited, Ghana and graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism and Michael Thompson,  graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon and the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Michael Thompson

"Brilliant. Erotic. I would like to call this a ballad, telling a simple love story in a narrative way. These are the first thoughts which gushes through your head like sugar rush. Devoid of any latent implication which I may not have a clue, I think this piece literary tells of a romantic moment between two people in love, with a beautiful night scenery in a meadow.

The writer uses certain features of a hollow, meadow to espouse the scenery well. For instance, words like crickets chirping, twinkle, and moonlight did a good well enough job to place the reader into the scene.

It is a free verse, following no regular rhyme scheme, yet the metaphorical use of pool of desire and similes like eagle added a poetic touch. The couple had yearned for each other so long that they never, literally wanted the day to break, or in its latent meaning, wanted their love affair to end. Finally when it did, there were memories they would carry along with them.

However, such is life…you win some and lose some, and all that lingers are bittersweet memories lurking at the back of one’s mind."

George Nyavor.....

"BEAUTIFULLY SEXY. That's my description of this piece. This is a vers libre (or a free verse) recounting an ecstatic love-making encounter but makes use of celestial imagery, nature and the stages of a night to create a time effect. It reflects some of the follies of youthful love life.

The diction is easy and light but woven to create interest and avoid flatness of tone.

Overall, I think it is a crisply written sensual poem that has been rendered clean by association with the feeling of passionate love (between the characters), honesty and the use appropriate diction."


  1. hey!!! van.. u transported me to the seventh realm... from where there was no coming down... i can actually feel everything... n all.. what a night of passion.. really i wish to be in such a night... n would never want the night to end.. will close my that i don't see dawn..i can feel the warmth... n feel the rush of blood.. throughout the body..n also the throbbing of hearts... beating in the silence.. to a rhythm.. which only two hearts can hear... n dance to it... for a night which should never end ... but it ended...

  2. Lol! Glad i did and your imagery is not that bad. thanks.

  3. Well, to add to the appreciation above, I'd say the picture or painting accompanying the poem is just perfect...good show Vay!